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Issue 297, Sunday June 10, 2012
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Frankenstein Monster

In an attempt to explain a number of troublesome Earth changes caused by Planet X in the near vicinity, the cover-up over the presence of Planet X has created, in the words of the Zetas, a “Frankenstein Monster”. They have created an imaginary planet out beyond Neptune, which is to zoom into the inner solar system and explain the presence of the real Planet X which arrived in 2003. Then they plan to stitch on a quad pole Sun, another imaginary invention, to explain the erratic twisting of the Earth’s magnetosphere and the Earth wobble.  One broken leg of this Frankenstein monster is the defunct Global Warming theory to explain rising seas and the other is the fracking excuse for the earthquake increase. The lightning bolt that gave birth to the monster was the Council of World’s first punch against the cover-up. Bride of Frankenstein is the poor astronomical community, for a decade scared into silence on the presence of Planet X with very real threats of assassination. Tada! The cover-up presents their version of the Frankenstein Monster!

Four Heavy Pole Structure
April 20, 2012
That the S pole is formed of two poles N, near the equator to the north and south poles of the Sun "quadrupole structure" is emerging. Now a two-pole, double pole structure can be seen. Changes to the quadrupole structure. Seen around May this year and fully reversed, the reason is not known.

This Japanese article suggests the Sun's magnetic structure is changing from a dipole to a quad pole structure where the current N Pole and S Pole each contain two poles, all with N Pole characteristics, while the Sun's equator functions as the S Pole for all. The article further suggests this phenomena may result in cooling of the Earth, or a "temporary suppression of global warming". Why are we to believe this when NASA is still denying what their own Ulysses probe told them in 2001? NASA has always claimed that the Sun reverses polarity every 11 years, N/S switching places, though their own Ulysses probe  showed them this is not the case, as the polarity remained the same. Rather than deal with this revelation, proving the Zetas right once again, they ran from this evidence muttering that perhaps the Sun had two S Poles for a time.

Press Release: JPL September 9, 2001
[earlier] Space physicists predict gusty winds for the next few months at the Sun's north pole, an area that will be observed when the Ulysses spacecraft passes over it starting on Aug. 31 [2001]. This pass over the pole occurs at a time of solar maximum ... This will be Ulysses' second pass over the Sun's north pole. It completed a circuit of the Sun in 1996 ... In 1995, Ulysses saw strong and simple magnetic fields at both poles of the Sun. ... [later] As Ulysses passed by the south pole of the sun a few months ago, scientists expected to find that magnetic lines were pointing outward, because observations from Earth show that the magnetic field has already reversed at the Sun's surface. Instead, they found that they Magnetic lines were still pointing inward, just as they had been throughout solar minimum.

How is this new theory, that the Sun has developed quad poles, to be viewed, in light of NASA’s poor track record and their hand at the helm over the Planet X cover-up? Per the Zetas, they are desperate to give some explanation of the Earth wobble, the twisted magnetosphere, and the recent increased sightings of the Planet X complex. Will the public buy this Frankenstein Monster they are cobbling together? 

ZetaTalk Insight 6/2/2012: The cover-up artists have decided to invent a reason the Earth’s magnetosphere was so twisted, and a reason for the Earth wobble, in one imaginary aspect of the Sun – the quad poles. Ah, it is the Sun, as they have so long claimed, that is creating magnetic confusion, and when one of the Sun’s N Poles points toward Earth, voile it creates a wobble by pushing the Earth’s N Pole away! Will this succeed? Only those members of the public so emotionally dependent upon a parent figure that they will cling to anything the establishment tells them will believe the Frankenstein Monster the cover-up is producing.

  • After years, more than a decade, of belittling Nancy and ourselves over our statements that Planet X had arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, they are now planning to wisk a new planet in from beyond Neptune as a substitute. We have photos and images, they have nothing, but they hope to replace our evidence with their lies. They fail as the increasing visibility of the Planet X complex preceded their new story.
  • After almost a decade of twisting Magnetic Simulator graphs, and after taking the simulator down on some flimsy budgetary excuse, they are now going to claim they have the answer! Since all this happened after 2003, when Planet X arrived, per our statements, they are late with their explanations. We have the images and they do not relate to activity in the Sun. Fail, once again, as too many years have passed while they ignored the phenomena.
  • The Earth wobble has likewise been in place only since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. Why has NASA failed to mention this, while also ignoring the Moon’s errant orbit. NASA points out into space, attempting to wow the public with Hubble images, and can’t be bothered with anything involving Mother Earth? Fail, as the increasing visibility of the Planet X complex, obvious now, will be seen as the obvious cause.  

Meanwhile, while still denying ZetaTalk accuracy and keeping the ZetaTalk message out of the main stream media, the establishment is preparing to keep on tracking the inbound Planet X via land based arrays. New radio arrays are being established in lands with a good southern view, as Planet X lies slightly below the Sun’s Ecliptic, and a NASA truck was briefly lost, forcing an explanation for its cargo to the press. The Zeta explanation? They are setting up now in many locations, as they know the Zeta prediction on satellite problems has been coming true. The common man, however, is still to be kept blind.

Africa and Australia to share Square Kilometre Array
May 25, 2012
South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will host the biggest radio telescope ever built.
Super-telescope Project Split Between South Africa and Australia
May 25, 2012
Conceived more than two decades ago, the Square Kilometre Array aims at bringing together unprecedented size and new technology. According to plans that were made for a single-site project, the first phase of the scheme would be completed by 2019 and become operational in 2020.
Expensive NASA Equipment Found in North Texas
May 30, 2012
The load worth millions was discovered in its trailer in Dallas. A protective seal in the back of trailer remains intact. These are the detectors. This is the telescope that's taking pictures of the sky.  Dallas police are investigating.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/2/2012: What are the astronomers hoping to capture, with this massive new radio array in S Africa and Australia and New Zealand? Signals from outer space? Why is it necessary to point this massive array into the southern skies, and what relationship to the original inbound direction of Planet X, from Orion (in the southern skies) does this have? The entire project, supposedly to become operational in 2019 at the earliest but in fact operational immediately, is a front for tracking Planet X during its passage. The sites will set up, move equipment into place, and start scanning Planet X via numerous means – infrared visibility, radio waves, x-rays, and magnetic surge. The Southern Hemisphere arrays are not the only such arrangement being made. We have predicted almost since the start of ZetaTalk that satellites would fail as the time of the passage approached. This is their alternative!

Venus Transit Veers

The transit was expected to begin as the Sun was setting in N America, high overhead in the Pacific, and rising in Asia. Asia and the Pacific islands thus were expected to get the best views. 6 hours later the transit was expected to be ending as the Sun rose in Europe. At least a dozen webcams around the world, including cams at Kwasan Observatory in Japan and a NASA sponsored event from Mauna Kea, Hawaii, were planning to broadcast the event.

Astronomers Seize Last Chance in Lifetime to see Alignment of Earth, Venus and the Sun
May 26, 2012
An alignment of Earth, Venus and the Sun that will not be seen for another 105 years. In a transit, Venus passes between Earth and the Sun, appearing through the telescope as a tiny black spot that, for some six and a half hours, crawls in a line over the fiery face of the Sun. On the evening of June 5, North America, Central America and the northern part of South America will get to see the start of the transit.
Venus to put on Sun Spectacular
June 4, 2012
Venus transits occur four times in approximately 243 years; more precisely, they appear in pairs of events separated by about eight years and these pairs are separated by about 105 or 121 years. This has happened only seven times in the telescopic age: in 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and 2004. Once the latest transit has passed, the next pair will not occur until 2117 and 2125.

Seemed to start at least 10 minutes late. Billed as starting at 22:09 UTC, the cameras did not even record a start of the transit until 22:16 UTC. The SLOOH Space Camera images broadcast from Arizona clearly showed the transit began to move moving straight across the face of the Sun, not at the slant expected. When this became an embarrassment, the cam zoomed in so this was not obvious.

Hiding this fact was done on cams worldwide, which either went down, offline, or switched to a zoom mode. The Kwasan Observatory in Japan suddenly went offline at the midpoint, claiming cloudy weather and repeating the transit film from earlier, though clouds had been an issue throughout.

The Australia 2012 cam likewise showed this direct path. Note that in the Southern Hemisphere, the view is reversed as those folks are hanging upside down on the globe.

And a time lapse overlay of images from the Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Observatory, an event sponsored by NASA, also clearly showed this aberrant path across the face of the Sun.

Earth Observatory, a satellite in space, also captured the entire transit. A video of the transit is also available on YouTube.

For those wanting still more evidence that things are not normal in our inner solar system, and with the orbit of Venus (which is caught in the cup and moving back and forth between the Earth and the Sun), here are some videos from NASA’s SOHO shots of the Sun’s face.

VIDEO: Sun 171 Path
VIDEO: Sun 193 Path
VIDEO: Japan Full 6 Hours 

The Zetas predicted surprises, and indeed surprises occurred!

ZetaTalk Comment 6/6/2012: The vast majority of those watching the Venus transit thought all was normal.  But for astronomers and amateur astronomers, and those who were watching closely for signs that Nibiru was in the vicinity, the aberrant path taken by Venus was all too obvious. Astronomers already know the truth, as in their professions they have access to observatory equipment. They have been silenced, and told to belittle any amateur who questions the status quo. Thus there are a huge number of amateur astronomers who have noticed the Earth wobble and imaged the region around the Sun, seeing evidence of Planet X, who are hesitant to speak out because they do not have proof.

Now they have proof. The Earth wobble, with the Sun appearing in the wrong place, could be ascribed to bending light or an errant compass, and objects appearing in photos and videos can be ascribed to lens flares or smudges on the lens. But there can be no blaming amateur observers when several observatory webcams, many of them sponsored by NASA itself, all show the identical aberration. clearly the path went in the wrong direction. Venus was of course pushed into position to look as expected, at the start. This was to calm the establishment who would otherwise have arranged for technical problems all around.

What will be the outcome? Amateurs will become emboldened, and not be dismissed. They will talk to others, and the rumors of a planetary body in the inner solar system will spread! The transits of Venus should be absolutely predictable down to the last inch and moment. Yet the official astronomical community has fallen silent! What this points to is a cover-up over the presence of the Planet X complex. If the cover-up plans to zoom an imaginary planet in from the Kuiper Belt to explain what the public is seeing in Red Filter photos, or to claim that the Sun has developed quad poles to explain the disturbed Earth magnetosphere and daily wobble, then they are too late.

The truth is out there! Venus is not a magnetic planet. It did not take this path because of some gravity influence beyond Neptune or a quad pole on the Sun. It took this path because something huge, a gravitational giant, was to the right of the Sun and in its orbit. That something is Planet X, announcing itself in no uncertain terms. This is the proof that amateur astronomers have been waiting for, the proof that explains all the signs that have been present since 2003. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Fueled by anger over years of being belittled and dismissed, amateur astronomers will be a force that refuses to be silenced!

Sunda Settling

The Sunda Plate continues to crumble and sink, in accordance with the Zeta 7 of 10 predictions, as these MODIS images in Issue 283  of this newsletter on March 4, 2012 show. Salt water incursions are now openly admitted in Viet Nam, as this Pole Shift ning blog details.  

Forest is Dying, Sea is Marching into Mainland
May 21, 2012
Coastal forest in the Mekong Delta is being narrowed while the sea is infiltrating deeply into the mainland. In late 2011, the sea water rose high in Bac Lieu, which was said to be an abnormal phenomenon, and flooded the Ganh Hao fishing port, isolating hundreds of families.
Rural Clean Water - Still Much To Do
April 29, 2012
Ben Tre has 65 km of the coast districts of Ba Tri, Binh Dai, Thanh Phu and is surrounded by four major rivers are Tien, Ba Lai, Ham Luong and Co Chien. In recent years, due to the impact of climate change from sea salt water should penetrate deeper into the land, with over two thirds of the province land salinization.
Soc Trang Field the Salt, Rice Death
May 4, 2012
Salt water began marching into the field of Soc Trang province, making it difficult for the production of her children. Many hectares of paddy crop is in danger because of the salt. For township Dai Ngai, Long Phu district has salt water encroachment into the infield.
The Mekong Delta Provinces was 70 Kilometers Deep Saltwater Intrusion
March 16, 2012
According to the Institute of Water Resources South, from the mid to late March / 2012, salt water salinity 0.1 ‰ penetrated 70 kilometers deep in the Cuu Long River Delta provinces.

Viet Nam is also crumbling, massive unexplained and unexpected rock fall, as this Pole Shift ning blog details.

Nine Killed in Rockslide
May 22, 2012
The cause remains unclear, but falling rocks buried workers below and crushed them.
An Giang: Mountain Rockslide Kills Six
May 7, 2012
Many large rocks suddenly fell down from the mountain, crushing a tourist car and one motorbike.

Elsewhere on the Sunda Plate – in Malaysia, Bali, Jakarta, and other parts of Indonesia – crumbling continues as the Sunda Plate is pushed down and under the curve formed by the Indo-Australian Plate near Sumatra and Java, as this Pole Shift ning blog extensively details.

Jakarta: On the Road Ambles Lasem
January 11, 2012
A number of people thronged about the sinkhole times border roads in the area Lasem, Jakarta). Not yet known exactly what causes these roads could ambles up to 3.5 meters deep.
Malaysia: Landslide in the Village with Villagers Kiau
May 16, 2012
The main road into the village which has collapsed in a landslide.
Bali: New Jambatan Collapse
January 23, 2012
Even stranger, how a new bridge was built could collapse after a month used.
Malaysia: Benta-Jerantut Road Collapsing
March 7, 2012
The people watching the badly damaged car after an accident as a result of soil involved in Jalan Benta-Jerantut near Kampung Jeransang, Kuala Lipis, Pahang.
Indonesia: Jasa Marga Surabaya Toll Jamin Waru - Free Silver Ambles
January 11, 2012
Until this news was revealed, there has not been any steps to address the sinkhole. That's because the land around the road was still moving.

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