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Issue 244, Sunday June 5, 2011
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Wild Weather

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga the Zetas have predicted weather extremes. They knew that the Earth wobble would ensue when Planet X entered the inner solar system, and become increasingly worse.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/9/2010: We are periodically asked about the weather, though we have repeatedly stated that our predictions in 1995, when ZetaTalk first began, will hold. We predicted increasing drought and deluge, switching about, becoming more intractable and this occurred. We predicted temperature swings, and this occurred. We predicted that the seasons would begin to blend into each other, though this has not yet occurred to meet our prediction, though it will. We predicted snow in summer and this has occurred. We predicted crop shortages caused by all these weather extremes and this is no longer denied by the authorities. We predicted in January of 2009 that the Northern Hemisphere would have colder then normal weather because of the push away the N Pole experiences during the Earth wobble, and this has occurred.

2011 has seen weather extremes of all kinds around the world, but we are not yet at the blending of the seasons that the Zetas have predicted. Extremes have been drought and deluge, simultaneously. China suffers the worst drought in 50 years, wildfires afflict Siberia for a second year in a row, Mexico is also crippled by drought for a second year in a row, while the US is drowning under near-record flooding of the Mississippi.

China Faces Worst Drought in 50 Years
May 24, 2011
Rainfall in Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang is at its lowest level in more than 50 years.
Fears of Repeat Disaster as Fires Rage in Russian East
May 24, 2011
Russia has reported 421 wildfires burning in forests and peat bogs over the past 24 hours, covering an area of 116,098 hectares (450 sq miles). The area on fire is twice the size of that for the same period last year.
Record Heat in Mexico
May 12, 2011
Drought this year, Mexicans will remember for a long time, so the heat in Mexico has not been for several decades. Temperature exceeds 50 degrees in the shade.
Memphis Flooding: Mississippi River Nears Record Highs
May 6, 2011
The Mississippi River has the third-largest drainage basin in the world, absorbing 41 percent of the drainage from the 48 contiguous United States.

Wind extremes are afflicting the Northern Hemisphere, giving the US the deadliest tornado seasons since 1953, and battering Scotland with hurricane force winds.

2011 Tornado Death Toll Tops 500 and Season Not Over
May 26, 2011
More than 500 people have been killed by twisters in 2011, making it the deadliest tornado year in the United States since 1953. There have been approximately 1,000 tornadoes in the U.S. so far this year. The Joplin tornado was rated an EF-5, with winds topping 200 miles per hour.
Summer? What Summer? Scotland Battered by 100mph winds
May 23, 2011
The wind speeds recorded were exceptional for this time of year. We have actually seen wind speeds of 100mph.

In May, well into spring, Europe had snow, and baseball sized hail fell in Bolivia and Viet Nam.

Eastern Turkey sees Snow as Other Regions Enjoy Sun
May 16, 2011
Residents of the province were surprised to wake up to a snowy day in the middle of May, a time when many expect spring to arrive.
May Winter [Romania]
May 16, 2011
It snowed like in December. I have never seen anything quite like this in May.
Heavy Snow Arrived in Warsaw [Poland]
May 3, 2011,duzo-sniegu-bedzie-jeszcze-wiecej,101022.html
Currently, snowfall and snow showers are in the Lower Silesia (in the Sudeten Mountains are quite intense.)
Bolivia Extreme Weather
May 26, 2011
The authority noted that recently in the province of Mizque, hail fell on the "size of an egg".
Hail Appeared in Tien Giang [Viet Nam]
May 03, 2011
In the province of Tien Giang has partially matched hail.

As the Zetas had predicted, the Northern Hemisphere is having cooler than normal weather.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/9/2010: We have made the statement that the Northern Hemisphere, in general, can anticipate cooler than normal weather until the pole shift.

Alien Threat

At the start of ZetaTalk, the Zetas were almost constantly attacked on any message board or chat where ZetaTalk was posted by resentful humans. The hand of the elite was behind this. Resentful elite want to retain the status they have achieved, want to gain the technology the visitors possess, and plotted on how to influence the Earth's populace to side with them and turn away from any contact with friendly aliens. The Zetas were recently asked about the four threats that Dr. Werner von Braun purported were on the elite agenda. Was this the elite plan, to induce fear in the populace with these four threats in order maintain control of the Earth and the loyalty of the populace? Per the Zetas, this report is true.
Von Braun stunned Dr. Rosin by describing this plan, point for point, as well as describing in detail exactly where it was all leading: planetary control under an oppressive One World Government. According to von Braun, space based weapons, later known as the "Star Wars" program, were to be publicly promoted as our space "shield" against the evil Russians. Then they would be promoted as our defense against terrorists from Third World countries ('rogue' nations or 'nations of concern'). Then their necessity would be justified as protection against asteroids and meteors, and the "last card," the final justification according to von Braun, would be their installation in orbit against an extraterrestrial threat from outer space.

ZetaTalk Response 5/7/2011: What did the alien presence mean for mankind, and in particular, what did the alien presence mean for those in power, the establishment? MJ12 in those days was composed of high ranking members of the intelligence agencies in the US and Russia, the very wealthy elite, and politically powerful leaders of the big industrial countries. They were all concerned their perch would be threatened. If the military buildup was to be sustained by the Cold War and terrorism threat, then asteroids would be used to explain the need for Star Wars technology.

Is there a relationship between these elites and the spate of TV shows with this theme? National Geographic aired a new TV show on May 22, 2011 - When Aliens Attack - and there is yet another series playing - The Event - which puts the Earth under attack from aliens. Per the Zetas, one can see the hand of this elite group in the script.
What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth? What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond? Consulting a cast of world-renowned scientists, survival experts and defense experts, this two-hour special, Alien Invasion explores this frightening scenario.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/28/2011: The puzzle is not how humanity can resist an alien attack but why National Geographic would want to posture the hypothesis. The show steps out on the wrong foot on all fronts. Taking a page from the War of the Worlds script, it presumes that aliens are out to conquer the Earth, when clearly the visitors are already here, en mass, and not pushing that agenda. Putting the mindset squarely in the military realm and in the era of the 1950's, the show seems to be defending those in charge of the military and MJ12 in that era. When Aliens Attack was produced at the behest of the US military and former MJ12 members who want their side of the story told.

Then there is the TV show - The Event. Here human lookalikes have infiltrated human society. Per the Zetas, once again, this reflects a fear of the elites originally in charge of MJ12.
The plot centers on a group of extraterrestrials, some of whom have been detained by the United States Government for sixty-six years since their ship crashed in Alaska, while others have secretly assimilated among the general populace.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/28/2011: Human lookalikes are a common theme in alien lore, and for good reason. A number of alien races cannot be distinguished from humankind, at least not at a superficial glance. Pleiadeans and Nordics and the Men in Black look human, though genetically they could not interbreed successfully, such are their differences. The early members of MJ12, who are still highly influential in human society, were aghast. They feared a takeover from within.

Planetary Clash

The contorted dance that Planet X and the Earth perform prior to the hour of the pole shift is complicated further by the presence of Venus and the Earth's Dark Twin, who are caught in the eddy flow cup in front of Planet X along with the Earth. Mythology states that we will see Venus and the Dark Twin loom large, coming closer to the Earth, and the Zetas have confirmed this. Shiva, in Hindu lore, is Planet X and Kali, the Dark Twin, is his wife. She survives to be visible once he has passed and left the solar system. Velikovsky documented a temporarily erratic orbit of Venus, which loomed close to the Earth after the last pole shift.
Worlds in Collision is a book of wars in the celestial sphere that took place in historical times. In these wars the planet earth participated too. The historical-cosmological story of this book is based in the evidence of historical texts of many people around the globe.

How and when does all this happen? Per the Zetas, just prior to the last weeks. We are currently in the 7 of 10 scenarios, which have just begun. Then there is a period of time, the 8 of 10 scenarios, which the Zetas will not even detail as yet. The last weeks themselves are 9 of 10 and the pole shift, 10 of 10. But we may steadily see Venus looming close, appearing larger, and not in her orbit as we approach this time. Glimpses of the Dark Twin have also been captured on film, as he come from behind the Sun in early 2004 and recently, lurking slightly behind the Earth.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/28/2011: The dance between Planet X and the planets caught in the cup becomes frenetic just ahead of the last weeks. Planet X reacts to the cluster of planets caught in the cup before it by slowing in its progress. As the squeeze tightens, the planets in the cup crowding together, they pop out, allowing Planet X to come closer to the Earth.

The Dark Twin is the first to escape from the cup during the squeeze. When the cup tightens and the Earth and Venus are pulled closer to Planet X, the eddy flow changes, creating a tuck after the Earth, almost forcing the Dark Twin out of the cup. It escapes, thus. Venus is at the forefront of the cup squeeze, being the closest to the outbound Planet X. It has been moved back and forth before the stalled Earth to effect a normal orbit from the viewpoint of Earth, as part of the Element of Doubt requirements. Venus is pushed toward the Earth, looming large. After her sister planets escape the cup, the Earth is drawn even closer to Planet X, such that her rotation is gradually stopped by the grip on the Atlantic Rift. The pole shift lies just ahead.

Two Months in Indonesia

If sinking in Indonesia cannot be openly admitted, due to the repressive hand of the Indonesia government and other governments determined to prevent the populace from relating the current Earth changes to ZetaTalk predictions, the press nonetheless seems determined to get the word out. Places sank, and are not coming up for air. The Belu flooding has been in place for the past two months. In Bima the flooding is 25 feet deep. If the Indonesian government won't admit what is happening, it's in the fine print in the press! South Jakarta has had flooding in some areas for two months, as has the Lamongan region of Java. You can hear the chant in the press - two months, two months, two months!

Residents Flee
May 13, 2011
Flood Benanain this has happened more than two months and had not yet subsided.
Displaced Left, House So Sarang Buaya
May 17, 2011
Number of refugees in Sub Weliman increased from 1195 to 2210 people. Due to overflowing of the River Benanain, burst its banks in February 2011.
Students Miss School Bench
May 31, 2011
Flooding due to river overflow Benanain in Belu regency, East Nusa Tenggara, has not receded. River flooding due to overflow Benanain occur on 27 March.
Hundreds Flood Victims Need Houses
May 31, 2011
A month went by, but hundreds of flood victims in the District of Sape, Bima regency, West Nusa Tenggara, live in tents suffer. Even sleeping side by side with livestock. Flash floods hit as high as five meters in a dozen villages in the district Sape, 23 April last.
Soak 2 Month Has Hundreds Houses Residents
May 24, 2011
Hundreds of houses of residents in Jalan Bango, Kelurahan Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. It has been two months of their homes flooded up to as high as one meter, that do not subside.
Residents Pondoklabu Restless, 2 Months Not Visit fading Floods
May 25, 2011
In the past two months hundreds of homes on Bango Road, Pondoklabu District, South Jakarta submerged 1 meter high flood that do not subside.
Two Months Already 5th District in Lamongan Flooded
May 13, 2011
It's been two months, thousands of homes in five districts in Lamongan, East Java, flood. Residents began itching disease and diarrhea and food shortages.

Meanwhile, the sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia proceeds apace, still not at the finish line. But but as these 866 news articles from newsletter periods dated January 19, February 3, February 10, February 15 for Jakarta, February 23, March 3, March 17, March 31, April 14, May 5, and May 31 show, the flooding has affected over a thousand villages in 283 different locales in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Name, and the Philippines.

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