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Issue 219, Friday, December 31, 2010
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Undulating Plates

Issue 218 of this newsletter was compiled with data from December 28-29, but this is a rapidly changing situation. In just a day, the plates in Asia have moved, again, and there has been more evidence of sinking on the plate tongue holding Indonesia. Thus, this addendum which reflects the known situation early in the day on December 31, 2010.

The eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate holding New Zealand and Queensland appears to be almost undulating as it tilts up. The Coral Sea, which has bulged up for many months, a bending point relieving the weight of the eastern part of the plate which is rising, has suddenly flatted out! Water is rapidly deepening there, as though the sea floor has fallen. Per the Zetas the Coral Sea bulge has now relaxed, as magma flow under the lifting eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate has increased.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/31/2010: Has the Coral Sea floor stopped bulging, just as the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate continues to lift? The deceptive depth of the water is in part due to this, and in part due to the massive amount of water flowing from the lifting edge, which is attempting to find its level as water does. Queensland flooding along rivers that normally drain into the Coral and Tasman Seas is excessive and breaking all records, and certainly not accounted for by any trivial rain it has received over the past few days. But the Tasman Sea is reflecting only a scant increase in water level depth, where the Coral Sea is dramatic. What could cause the plate to flatten, as the eastern edge tilts higher? Certainly, the weight being lifted has only increased. What has occurred is a deeper adjustment in the magma flow under the plate, where the Coral Sea bulge dealt with a temporary situation. The magma flow is now sweeping under this tilted plate, thus relieving the weight of the eastern edge of the plate so the Coral Sea can relax.

The portion of the Indo-Australian Plate just below Java, which must lift so that Java can slip under this curve of the Indo-Australian Plate, is rising! This is an indication that Java is indeed sliding under the curve, and being pushed down. Where these buoys were indicating a slight rise in this region just days ago, they now are showing a dramatic rise. What can this mean for Java, in the hours to come? Is the Indo-Australian Plate tilting? The western portion already dropped the predicted 10 feet or so, as detailed in Issue 217 of this newsletter, where land along the Indus River in Pakistan and in India to the east of Karachi clearly show this on satellite images.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/31/2010: We predicted a tipping of the Indo-Australian Plate during the 7 of 10 scenarios, as in fact the first step to occur. Of course this has been ongoing with the western edge of India dropping, creating a loss of 10 feet or so of elevation in Pakistan along the Indus River and in western India just east of Karachi. Now the tippping of the plate at the curve is being noticed. These are rapid changes, in the last days of December, 2010! Certainly, by lifting, the stage has been set for a more rapid plunging of the southern edge of the plate tongue holding Java. We have stated that the loss of elevation in Indonesia will take place in steps and stages over a 2-3 week period, at first very gradual and then increasing. Expect more shortly!

In step with the Coral Sea changes, and the rising of the curve just below Java, are sudden changes in the Caroline Plate above New Guinea. Just three days earlier buoy 52403 showed a rapid rise in the sea floor on this little platelet, but now the depth is plunging! What's going on here?

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/31/2010: If the Indo-Australian Plate is not only tilting up on its eastern side but also tipping sideways to raise the curve just under Java and Sumatra, what would this do to relieve pressure in the small platelets just above New Guinea? Here three great plates meet, so the little platelets are fragments very much susceptible to changes in any arrangement the larger plates make. The tipping of the Indo-Australia Plate has allowed this platelet to drop where before it was under pressure from the Pacific, and snagged at the edges, thus lifted with the Indo-Australian Plate.

This is yet another dramatic indication that the Indo-Australian Plate is tipping sideways, as predicted by the Zetas to be the first step in the 7 of 10 scenarios affecting the Indonesian region.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: The sequence of events is, thus a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking, [then] a folding Pacific.

Malaysia Sinking

The plate tongue holding Indonesia continues to sink. A coastal city along the Malay Peninsula experience a sudden flooding on December 31, 2010. Note that where these reports always cite rain, the rain only seems to affect coastal areas, with open access to the sea. Why does the rain only fall on these areas? This is sinking.

Kuantan Knee-Deep in Water
December 31, 2010
Several parts of the town were knee-deep in water following a 48-hour downpour. Residents in Taman Pelindung Pantai and Kampong Pelindung Pantai said the water was about a metre deep at about 7am yesterday, but rose to waist level an hour later. However, by 11am, the water had receded to knee-deep level.

Turbulent waters and huge waves off the coast of the Malay Peninsula had also swamped many boats in the last days of December, 2010. And excessive flooding in Jambi on the coast of Sumatra facing this region likewise indicates land and thus water on the move in this area.

3 Singapore Tourists Drown as Malaysia Boat Sinks
December 26, 2010
Three Singaporean tourists drowned and two others were missing after an overloaded passenger boat capsized near a Malaysian resort island. The wooden vessel was transporting nearly 30 people to a mainland port after leaving Malaysia's southern Sibu island, one of the diving zones closest to neighboring Singapore. The boat was carrying more than double its recommended capacity and capsized after being struck by strong waves. The passengers were not wearing life jackets.
Hundreds of Houses Flooded in Jambi
December 27, 2010
Heavy rains pouring from Sunday night to Monday morning have flooded hundreds of houses in Muarojambi, Jambi, especially those located in the lowlands and near the riverbank. Jambi's Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Jambi head Remus L. Tobing said that although the last four days had been dry, this week and next week the heavy rains would continue in the river area.

Cargo Ship Sinks in East Sea
December, 29 2010
Twelve sailors remained missing after a Vietnamese cargo vessel sank in the southern area of East Sea. Cargo ship Van Don No2, carrying 23 crew, sank at around 2:58am in the East Sea. The 6,900 DWT cargo vessel, was heading from Malaysia to HCM City when it ran into trouble and sank. The exact cause of the sinking is still unknown.
Father and Sons Survive Ordeal after Boat Capsizes
December 29, 2010
A fishing trip for two brothers and their father nearly turned into a tragedy when their boat capsized in rough seas here. Yaacub Osman, 54, and his sons Norafzanizam Yaacub, 26, Norhasrol Yaacub, 23, were thrown into the sea with Yaacub trapped under the deck. His sons managed to free him before he swam to shore to get help. The two brothers, however, hung on for dear life until they were rescued. They were about to reach the shore when their boat was caught by huge waves, causing the vessel to capsize.

But the Malay government had rushed forward, earlier in the month, to reassure its citizens that nothing was amiss, and to ignore Nancy Lieder (whom they name).

Ongkili to Senate: Don’t panic, Earth safe
December 14, 2010
The Najib administration today assured the Dewan Negara that the mystery “Planet X” will not hit Earth and spoil itsplans for beyond 2012. Ongkili was replying to a question from Malacca Senator Datuk Shamsudin Mehat. Shamsudin, coordinating vice-chairman of the Klebang state constituency, wanted to know what the federal government was doing about the threat. Nibiru is among Nasa’s list of frequently asked questions. The alleged disaster that has provided fodder for many Hollywood end-of-days blockbusters was mooted in 1995 by an American woman called Nancy Lieder, who claimed she had the ability to receive alien messages from outer space through an implant in her brain.

Java Crumbling

Meanwhile, Java crumbles. A resident of Jakarta, keeping an eye on all the recent reports on the number of sinkholes and landslides and shifting ground stands as witness to this. Her blog, on the Pole Shift ning, contains the many articles in Indonesian, and a collage of photos.

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