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Issue 211, Sunday, November 14, 2010
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N Andes Crunch

The plate structure where S America meets the Caribbean and the Nazca and Cocos Plates is complex. Some assign the N Andes region, which houses most of Colombia, to the S American Plate, while others consider this to be a separate plate. The Zetas say the N Andes region belongs to S America, though there is a fault line between them. Some claim that Panama has its own plate, but the Zetas state this is part of the Caribbean Plate.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/27/2010: For the Caribbean Plate, which includes Pamana and Central American countries, there is pressure where the Caribbean Plate loses when encountering the larger and more solid S American Plate. The damage to the Caribbean Plate is not just to those areas which will be pushed under the gliding edge of the S American Plate, but also to those areas which will be dragged along, and ground up as the plate border is rubbed like sandpaper, an abrasion.

The N Andes fault line is certainly under pressure as S America is nudging to begin its roll to the west. This mountain building region experiences a lot of earthquakes. It's a tradeoff. Either Panama and the southern Caribbean region get pushed down, or mountain building occurs on the N Andes fault line. Currently, both are occurring, and seemingly simultaneously!

In Issue 210 of this newsletter we detailed how the city of Barranquilla on the Colombian coastline was crumbling. This is directly on the border with the Caribbean Plate. Now more action in Colombia is occurring. The Colombian town of Molagavita, is also crumbling, per reports on November 6, 2010. If Barranquilla was on the border of the Caribbean Plate, Molagavita is in the mountain building region where the N Andes fault line crosses the S American Plate.

Location: Molagavita, Santander
Coordinates: 6 41 14 77 N, 72 48 19 49 W
80% of the area is sunken and cracked, so I assure Molagavita Major, Edwin Antonio Prada, who also said 15 homes have been on the ground, while another 20 had to be evacuated due to cracks in structures. Pantano Grande school, in the early hours of the morning just cracks had already been reported as destroyed. On the other hand, the Major reported the disappearance of 2 km of the road connecting the town with Malaga and the capital of the department. At this time the population is cut off. An estimated 200 people had to be evicted from their homes.

Then, also on November 6, the portion of the Colombian region of Antioquia that is on the border of the Caribbean Plate, not far from the town of Barranquilla, is reportedly sinking. The Caribbean Plate is unmistakably sinking there!


This is the situation in Colombia reported among a series of incidents, that in Antioquia (Caribbean) the strong sea raised, toppled houses and the beachfront was evacuated, 8 people disappeared. The pictures from Google show a "cienaga" like swampy area (gulf type). It is on the mainland, a beach front town. It was serious, because these towns are preferred by many to relax and houses on the area eventually get build well, with concrete, for tourist service and it is no longer a fisherman village. There are many pictures of the area in Google, from people visiting. It took 4 homes into the sea. Those people in the homes are the 8 missing. No warning, like an immence force washing ashore suddenly, no warning storm, then retreating with the homes. Mini tsunami. The rest of the houses seem like in ruins.

Then on November 7, 2010, just a day later and just to the south, still along the N Andes fault line, we have more landslides, and suddenly so, in the Ecuador town of Chimborazo. Can this all be a coincidence? Hardly.

Landslides Create Concern in the Parish of Chimborazo
November 7, 2010
In the commune of Tumba San Francisco's in the parish Quimiag (Chimborazo), landslides are a constant danger for their inhabitants. 33 families of 54 who live in that area of the foothill, must be relocated urgently.

This activity along the N Andes fault line and the Caribbean Plate border are but rumblings of the larger S American Plate roll to come!

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/9/2010: Those living along the border of S America and the hapless Caribbean Plate will experience a great moaning and grinding while the S American Plate glides over the Caribbean Plate, pushing it down with its weight as it does so. Such a gliding action does have catch points where the plates are not smooth, and hesitation and jerking with a sudden release occurs, a type of earthquake that seems to last for most of an hour.

Indonesia Buckling

Bangkok and other cities up river from the coast in Thailand are suffering record floods during early November, which they claim are due to rain from a tropical depression. However, no neighboring countries are experiencing similar flooding during this week. Yet all provinces in Thailand were affected. Was the tropical depression so selective as to avoid Viet Nam and Cambodia and neighboring Bangladesh? Vietnam is far more vulnerable, in lowlands, and is also near the Gulf of Thailand.

Hat Yai City Left Reeling by its Worst-Ever Flood
November 3, 2010
Officials said tens of thousands of people were trapped yesterday in the southern commercial hub which is facing its worst-ever flood crisis. Torrential rains since Monday caused by a depression in the Gulf of Thailand engulfed Hat Yai municipality and many other areas of the South. Hat Yai mayor Prai Pattano admitted the municipal authorities were caught off guard by the unusually heavy flooding.
Bangkok Governor Inspects Flood Situation During Peak River High Tide
November 8, 2010
The water level was rising continuously because of high tide combined with flood water flowing from the north.

The degree of flooding can be seen by comparing satellite views. The first was captured on October 30, 2009, the second on October 30, 2010. Note the comment about "standing water", a sign of elevation loss. Pakistan likewise has this problem after their flooding in July. The water refuses to drain!

Flooding in Thailand
October 30, 2010
By late October 2010, parts of Thailand had been hit by the worst floods in decades, Agence France-Presse reported. The flooding was worst in central and eastern Thailand. Compared to conditions the year before, flooding is most apparent along the Mae Nam Mun River in the east, and along the Chao Phraya River north of Bangkok. In the 2010 image, large areas of standing water are apparent north of the coastal metropolis.

At the same time, land seems to be rising east of Java, between the island of Java and Bali.

Son of Mountain Waters Appears in Jembrana
November 3, 2010
Mounds that resemble a pile of rocks called "The Children of the Mountain" are reported to have arisen in marine waters off the district of Jembrana, Bali. Some fisherman from the village of Pengambengan, Jembrana, Wednesday (11/03/2010) mentioned that it appears (similar to) the mysterious coral mound in the middle of the sea that separates the island of Java and Bali. Fishermen thought it was similar to Deken Point, namely the rock that emerged in the area of shallow water. Village residents said many people (guessed) if the mysterious mound that emerged was the volcano. Allegations arose because the mound was conical shape like the top of the mountain." This is compelling testimony to what's happening right now in Indonesia.

Per the Zetas, both these incidents, the flooding in Thailand and the new island near Bali, are related. The tongue of the plate holding Indonesia is buckling, like an accordion, due to the squeeze it is under. In come places a valley will sink, in another the thin plate will peak.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/13/2010: Where Bangkok is certainly low land, so low in elevation that it would be under water with a mere 10 foot rise in sea level, there are many regions in SE Asia just as low who are not experiencing flooding. If Thailand's flooding were due to rain from a tropical depression, then why are all the neighboring countries with a similar elevation not flooded too? Vietnam south of Ho Chi Minh is far more vulnerable, and for a broader area, yet is not in such distress. Note the mountainous regions to the east and west of the valley in central Thailand. We have mentioned that when a plate tilts, rising one side and sinking on the other, that this plate may bend where the plate is thin. This is happening to some degree in the Coral Sea off the east coast of Australia, where the bending plate causes an uneven rise there beneath the buoys. It is also true that thin places on a plate can give rise to buckling when that plate is under compression, being squeezed. The tongue holding Indonesia is certainly under such a squeeze. As the tongue is pushed together, the eastern portion pushed toward the west, the valley in central Thailand is buckling, being pushed down. Simultaneously, a new seemingly volcanic island appeared between eastern Java and Bali, where the tongue is under pressure as it is being pushed down under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate. Where this is causing extensive volcanic activity in Sumatra and Java, it is also finding weak places in the plate holding Indonesia, which can buckle in such a manner as to rise. The new island is indeed volcanic in origin, having been formed years ago under the sea, but is no longer an active volcano. Thus, rising land, due to buckling, is the only explanation.

Then on November 9, 2010 a train enroute to Malaysia from Singapore derailed. No explanation given! Malaysia is just to the south of Thailand. The squeeze is on, and the land if folding like an accordion!

KTM train derails along Bukit Timah Road
November 9, 2010
The train was en route to Malaysia from Singapore and was towed back to Tanjong Pagar railway station.

Glen Beck's Warnings

Glen Beck? The Fox News host who rants ultra-right viewpoints, not bothering to provide facts to back his rants? What types of warnings would warrant a mention in Nancy Lieder's newsletter? Surprise! He's become a spokesperson for end times preparations. Sort of. With no explanation for his sudden interest, he has lept into the subject, becoming an advocate of stockpiling food and small community survival options. He is blaming this on a nervous financial system. Not sure how losing your retirement computes to stockpiling food. But this is his excuse for advising the public to stockpile food and other such advice that sounds a lot like post pole shift survival community preparation.

I just watched Glenn Beck on Fox 28 here in Ohio. He spoke about the economy and preparing for the possibility of getting down to "ground zero" where "we start from scratch" "working together in small communities". It just feels like he is leading into something greater. Right now his topic is the economy.

The issue came up on the Q&A chat recently on October 23, 2010 as apparently Beck has been making these pointed suggestions and inferences for a couple weeks recently.

This week the controversial TV personality Glenn Beck abruptly shifted from advertising gold to advertising emergency food-stuffs, and talking about "being prepared". I only know this because I watched a clip of him courtesy of Fox News' arch-nemesis, MSNBC, who jeered at the whole concept of preparing for "end times". It was so saddening; here is Fox, the mouthpiece of the conservative elite who are already halfway to their bunkers, letting one of its stars publicly encourage "end-times preparation", while the choice of the "mainstream" media (CNN and MSNBC in the US) is to jeer at such preparation. What's wrong with this picture? Meanwhile, Glenn Beck's followers are being encouraged to prepare.

Per the Zetas, Murdoch was asked to promote the survivalist themes in ZetaTalk, and even met with Nancy (and I do recall this meeting) about how to present ZetaTalk on his conservative network. The solution? Have crazy Beck do it!

ZetaTalk Comment 10/23/2010: Making the leap, is one way to describe what Beck has done. As he is considered by most of the world to be somewhat crazy, making statements without basis and extreme statements at that, highly emotional, this is not anticipated to be a shock. How does one move from being ultra-right, supporting the cover-up and the former Bush administration to the nth degree in the past, to being an advocate for the truth! Murdock has been asked by the Puppet Master to do so, as Nancy knows as she met with him re this. Get crazy Beck to make the leap. Avoid explaining how you got from here to there, as crazy Beck never explains himself. Mission accomplished.

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