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Issue 199, Sunday, August 22, 2010
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UFO Warnings

Mass sightings of UFO displays do more than announce the alien presence to the populace below, they are transmitting telepathic warnings about pending Earth changes. Recently such displays have occurred over Taiwan, over Victoria on Vancouver Island, and over the twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. A triangular UFO, similar to those seen in Moscow and in China recently, appeared in the skies over Taiwan recently during an intense lightning display. Per the Zetas, the citizens of Taiwan were being warned of a time soon to come when many in Indonesia will be wanting to migrate to dry island on Taiwan, as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate holding Indonesia is being forced down and will sink.


ZetaTalk Explanation 8/7/2010: During an intense lightning display, in which the lighting primarily remained up in the atmosphere and did not seem to ground, a pyramid UFO was sighted. In these types of UFO sightings, which get media attention and are seen by many on the ground, there is telepathic communication, warning those below of pending Earth changes. What is the warning for Taiwan? The UFO display was timed to occur during the lightning display so that many would notice, and ponder. Taiwan has been liberal in accepting immigrants, and will be pressed during the coming months to accept more. Indonesia will suffer as the tongue of Indonesia is pushed under the curve of the Indo-Australian plate, and many drowning Indonesians will be looking for a home elsewhere. Those in Taiwan are being told to expect this, and to search their hearts as to how to respond.

Duet UFO displays on the N American continent on August 8 and 9, 2010 are related by more than date, per the Zetas. Per the Zetas, these very similar displays were warning that spots on the N American continent will react in sympathy when Japan has the anticipated major quakes, 8+ in magnitude, expected prior to the New Madrid adjustment. The first of these displays took place in the skies over Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC on August 8, 2010.

Six unidentified flying objects moving in formation over the Ministry of Finance building in Victoria on the 8th of August 2010 at 23:38 PST. Note the two central craft moving upper right to lower left of screen at 0:21 Clear skies, no noise other than street traffic.


The second display occurred in the skies over Minneapolis/St. Paul the next night, August 9, 2010. The outline, blinking lights in a line, was similar to the display in Victoria. A comment left on a local news outlet describes what those below saw.

I was actually there to witness this. I deliver new papers in that area every morning. While I was delivering one of my customers stopped me and told me too look in the sky. There were these 5 lights. We were looking at it from the side. It looked triangular. We watched it for about 30 mins then I had to get back to work. I got about 2 block away and saw a good crowd of people just looking up and I got out of my car and looked up again and I was underneath it. At that time I was standing in the same area the video was taken. Stood there for a good half hr and it didn't really move. And the other people watching it said they have been watching it for 3 hrs and it didn't move. Also one of the guys watching said that this UFO was in the same spot the night before. So I don't think could be any type of balloon. From underneath it was kind of cigar shaped with those lights along the bottom of it. And this video isn't a fake. The channel 5 film crew actually came to video tape the UFO them selves.


ZetaTalk Explanation 8/21/2010: Almost identical UFO displays appeared over the skies of Victoria on Vancouver Island on August 8, 2010 and over the twin cities of Minneapolis / St. Paul the next day on August 9, 2010. Since both of these cities are on the N American continent, is some message being delivered? Note that the sightings are almost on the same latitude, and on the same latitude as Japan. We've made the statement that Japan will experience several 8+ magnitude quakes prior to the New Madrid adjustment on the N American continent. These Japanese quakes will allow the northern parts of the Pacific plates to shift, and this has repercussions on fault lines in the N American continent. Vancouver Island will have some jolts, in sympathy, and a sloshing Pacific in the straits off Victoria can be expected. Minneapolis is famous for the bridge snap on August 2, 2007 wherein one of the bridges crossing the Mississippi on I-35 pulled the moorings on the southeast side of the bridge 50 feet to the east when it snapped. Clearly the bridge snapped due to being in a torque twist, though this was not the official explanation. In sympathy with the large quakes in Japan, the slowly tearing St. Lawrence Seaway will likewise snap, once again bringing Minneapolis into the news.

Indeed, both sites on the N American continent are in line with Japan, so a folding of the Pacific in this location would create, potentially, a sympathetic adjustment in the N American continent, paving the way for the New Madrid adjustment.

Last Weeks Timeline

The jigsaw puzzle of how the last weeks will unfold has been emerging on ZetaTalk piece by piece, but recently the Zetas put it all together. Some of the more dramatic parts, such as tipping back into the 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere, or being positioned after that for 6 days of what seems like a sunrise somewhat to the west of the N Pole, had been detailed. The dramatic appearance of Planet X in the skies for all to see some 7.3 weeks prior to the pole shift had also been detailed. And recently the time span for the severe wobble was given as 9 days.

ZetaTalk Timeline 1/12/2008: The last weeks include, counting backwards, a week of rotation stoppage, some weeks of rotation slowing, 6 days of sunrise west, 3 days of darkness, a lean to the left, and a severe wobble.

ZetaTalk Timeline 3/22/2008: Nancy has computed the whole sequence to be approximately 7 weeks, and this is accurate enough.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/12/2009: During the last weeks, the Earth changes from being in an end-to-end alignment with Planet X to being in a side-by-side alignment. It is during the end-to-end alignment, when Planet X is pointing its N Pole directly at the Earth, that the lean to the left and 3 days of darkness occur. But as Planet X continues in its retrograde orbit, its N Pole is no longer coming from the right, but is located to the left of the Earth, and the Earth adjusts by slinging its N Pole to the right. Thus, during the 6 days of sunrise west, the Earth still has its N Pole tipped away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, but rather than a lean to the left, it has a lean to the right. It is at this point that the Earth switches from being in an end-to-end alignment to being in a side-by-side alignment with Planet X. When Planet X is just at the Ecliptic, it stands upright in alignment with the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system. As it switches from pointing its N Pole at Earth, as it had during the many years of the wobble, to completing its 270° roll and pointing its N Pole upward, the Earth follows suit. It is then that the Earth is drawn closer to Planet X, so that only 14 million miles separates them. It is then that the Earth slows in her rotation to a stop, for the week of rotation stoppage.

ZetaTalk Timeline 2/22/2010: We have stated that Planet X will be visible to all some 7.3 weeks before passage.

ZetaTalk Timeline 7/31/2010: We have not put a time period, a day or week length, to this severe wobble but here you are given it - 9 days.

But there were missing pieces. How long does it take for rotation to slow to a stop? And how long does the Earth linger in a lean to the left, flopped on her side? The Zetas provided these missing pieces. All is encompassed within a 7 week period.

9 day of Severe Wobble
4.5 days of a static Lean to the Left
2.5 days of a progression into the 3 Days of Darkness
3 Days of Darkness
6 days of Sunrise West
18 day of Slowing Rotation
6 (5.9) days of Rotation Stoppage

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/14/2010: What starts the process of the last weeks, with all their extreme gyrations, is a threshold being crossed. The dithering we have been describing - where Planet X, the Earth and the other planets caught in the cup (Dark Twin and Venus) are all bouncing around, reacting to movement in another, to crowding of magnetons or other particles - reaches an explosive point. During this time Planet X moves to the right as far as possible, to evade the ever increasing particle crowding, but is still outbound, steadily. Thus, visibility is enhanced, and Second Sun sightings are common. This is the start of the 7.3 week period we described, where it would be unmistakably visible to all on Earth. Venus escapes the cup. The Dark Twin escapes the cup. And the dance of many becomes a deadlock grip by Planet X on the Earth. It is no longer an issue of the Earth wobble or temporary leans to the left of into opposition sufficing. This is twitching about, compared to the last weeks. If the years and months of the Earth wobble were the wrestlers positioning themselves at the edge of the mat, then the last weeks are full contact, and neither can let go of the other. In this, of course, Planet X wins.

When Venus and the Dark Twin escape from the cup, the particle crowding is suddenly eased, allowing Planet X to come forward toward the Earth. The Earth's first evasion is to tilt her N Pole away from the oncoming Planet X to such a degree, and so violently, that she leans all the way over to the left and then rebounds as a reaction all the way to the right. This is the severe wobble, for a length of 9 days, as a recent crop circle has depicted. Finally, the rebound is repressed, for a lingering lean to the left of 4.5 days or so. Then a progression where the N Pole of Earth is pushed away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, until the point where 3 days of darkness is unmistakable. This progression is another 2-3 days in time. Then the 3 days of darkness and the 6 days of sunrise west, which is a momentum and turnaround for the swing into the 3 days of darkness.

Then the Earth rights herself, side by side with Planet X, and begins her rotation slowdown. It is during this time that the Earth is drawn toward Planet X, so that Planet X quickly increases in size in the skies and is the writhing monster of legend. Slowing rotation is not a linear matter, but exponential as the Earth is pulled closer to Planet X. The Earth moans, groans, and complains as the core pulls at the crust but the crust is gripped, increasingly, and held by Planet X. The slowing is a lurching matter too, as when the Atlantic Rift is exposed, the grip slows the rotation, but when hidden, rotation tries to return. All this causes earthquakes and stretch zone accidents. Emergency management teams are beyond exhaustion, government services are in disarray, and travel has become almost impossible.

Folding Pacific

The Zetas have described the Indo-Australian Plate as the brake point, as subduction of this plate under the great Himalayas is what allows the other plates in the world to adjust. Lately that focus has moved up to the Mariana Trench, the deepest trench on the globe. Could this trench fold, allowing other adjustments in the Pacific plates to follow? The drama started on August 11, 2010 with quakes at Vanuatu, along the border of the Indo-Australian Plate, and was accompanied by a restless shuddering, worldwide, on the live seismographs. Vanuatu was hammered.

Powerful earthquake rattles Vanuatu
August 11, 2010
The 6.0-magnitude quake, with a depth of 41 kilometers (26 miles), struck 75 kilometers (45 miles) west-northwest of the capital, Port Vila. It was the second day in a row that a powerful earthquake hit the region, following Tuesday's 7.5-magnitude quake.

In concert with the quake hammering on August 11-15, several buoys in the area stretching from Vanuatu up past the Mariana Trench went on alert.

The next day, on August 12, 2010 Ecuador was hit by a magnitude 7+ quake, which for some reason had a sympathetic shudder on Johnston Island in the middle of the Pacific.

Then the action switched to the Mariana Trench, the lowest elevation on the surface of the Earth. The trench is 1,580 miles long, 43 miles wide, and close to 7 miles deep. The trench forms the boundary between the Pacific and the tiny Mariana Plate. Where the Pacific is supposedly pushing under the tiny Mariana Plate, what's to keep the trench from folding? As with Vanuatu just days before, the Mariana Trench was being hammered on August 14-15, 2010, regularly. Given that the Earth wobble occurs daily and forms a Figure 8 at the N Pole, these 6 hour swings of the hammer show a relationship to the wobble. The Earth plates in the Pacific are moving!

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/21/2010: It is the pressure from the Pacific that is the issue, as the Pacific is compressing. Likewise, the Philippine Plate is at issue, as it loses in the compression game and in essence is pushed under and lost. The Philippine Plate is tipping, rising at the Mariana Islands and diving under the tongue of the Eurasian Plate that holds Indonesia. This tongue is itself being pushed down. Imagine the domino effect of the Mariana Trench folding against the Philippine Plate, tipping this sideways to drive the western edge under the tongue holding Indonesia, which is at the same time breaking and bending to subduct under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate.

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