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Issue 139, Sunday, June 28, 2009
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Bombing the Moon

NASA announced that it plans to bomb the Moon. Seriously. They gave as an excuse/explanation the need to determine if water was beneath the surface on the Moon, so that future moon bases could rely upon this water.

NASA Prepares to Bomb the Moon
June 18, 2009
NASA scientists are preparing to launch a space mission from Cape Canaveral carrying a missile that will fire a hole deep in the surface of the moon. The aim is to see whether any traces of water will be revealed by the disruption caused to the planet's surface. NASA will analyse the space cloud caused by the explosion for any sign of water or vapour. Scientists expect the impact to blast out a huge cloud of dust, gas and vaporized water ice at least 6 miles high - making it visible from Earth. If the search is successful it could provide vital supplies for a moonbase.

Given the financial distress, the second Great Depression, the world is struggling with, this hardly seems a priority. As George Ure of the UrbanSurvival website complains.

Of all the questions that we could be asking and spending taxpayer money on, where does this one fit? Just going out on a limb here, I'd say that answering questions like "How can we help the 2-billion people who living on less than $2 a day globally" might be worth considering. Or, "since the oceans are dying, how do we fix that?"

Naturally, the Zetas were asked to comment, and comment they did. They came up with the only explanation that fits. The elite are still trying to find a pole shift safe location to ride out the hour of the shift.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/20/2009: The sudden interest in the Moon is not due to a long range plan to create a Moon base, but is to prepare for the immediate exit from Earth of the planet's elite. How can this be occurring you might ask, when Obama is in the White House? The layers between a Chief Executive and the projects undertaken by a contract corporation, projects often on the books and approved for years, are such that Obama would have to induce Congress to terminate NASA in order to stop this operation. It is what he inherited, and he can only do so much.

We have often alluded to the plans of the elite to escape to Mars, living there until the pole shift had passed and they could safely return to Earth as kings. This was all to be assisted by Service-to-Self aliens who would transport and house them. Of course, the Service-to-Self lie and when pressed refused to transport the elite anywhere. Then there was the hope of bunkers on Earth, which have proven to be a disastrous plan as rock under pressure emits lethal particle flows. Crews sent underground to test this out died. Forced to contemplate enduring the hour of the pole shift on the surface of the Earth with the common man the elite so much despise, they desperately cast around for alternatives.

Man can go to the Moon, and private funding abounds for private space travel. The bomb is to dig a cavern that will presumably protect the elite in their erected structures from debris in the tail of Planet X. How will all this fare, in the short time between now and the pole shift? Poorly, but the details of their failure is something we prefer to withhold, less they learn from our warnings. True karma is prevailing on Earth, with the elite not faring any better than the common man.

Indeed, this is a prediction the Zetas made in 1999, that the elite would attempt to leave the surface of Earth during the pole shift. In 1999 the plans of the elite were to go to Mars, and during the Bush administration there was much chatter about manned Mars missions. Since NASA is not in shape for a rush to Mars, the Moon apparently is the new spaceport of choice. The Zetas predicted the Mars missions would not succeed, just as they are predicting the Moon missions will not succeed.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/1999: From its inception, NASA was attempting to secure, as much as anything, an escape from the forthcoming cataclysms. They still have that as a dominant agenda. The members of NASA and JPL who have been watching Planet X approach in accordance with our predictions some 50 years ago, have come to nervously accept that the reality of our exact predictions. They wish to find a safe haven during the shift itself. The thought of being on an Earth that will slip about with sloshing water and crashing plates is unsettling. They would like a vantage point on Mars, and from that when the rock and roll is over, they would settle down at the best looking agricultural setting in the world and walk off well prepared to take over as kings.

This escape route would be for the elite of not only the US government and US military but other elites around the world. This is well disguised in talk about science research in the skies and exploring the universe, but this is all to camouflage the real plans which would be to take dozens and even hundreds of individuals away. The fact that John Glen recently went up into space was to test how oldsters deal with these takeoffs and landings. This was poorly disguised, and the tax payer wondered why they needed geriatrics in space. Well, of course, that's because some of these people who have secured a place for themselves are not that young, and they are just getting prepared. The group will be composed primarily of old man and very young women. It's not surprising that George Bush, Sr. took a sky dive recently and mentioned in the news that he was not too old for such activity. He is trying to demonstrate to his peers that he's ready to go.

They hope to get up there and setup a base which will be of very firm, air-sealed and air-locked, tents with little suits that they can get into quickly. They're already practicing how to grow their own food via hydroponics. This is something that has been going on for decades, of course, as a means to provide fresh food for those in a space station. They are looking for water, but they know there is water on Mars. They hope to watch the show from a distance. Watch the Earth, poor thing, lurch about. After a year or so has passed, when they can see that things have settled down, they'll come back down. They'll zoom around, taking their time deciding just where to land, and will land where there seems to be some good agriculture, some settlements, and emerge as kings. This is their plan, but none of this will happen. They won't succeed, but we don't expect them to give up.

Many layers are built between the taxpayers eyes and the actual NASA expenditures. NASA is an independent company under contract to the government, under contract in fact to government agencies that can scarcely be scrutinized by the average taxpayer so that layer upon layer of money shuffling protects the real expenditures and plans very nicely. National security is used as the excuse.

Classified Bolides

If bombing the Moon is confusing, making incoming debris from space classified seems whacky. What possible reason could there be for this move? None was given, frankly. Information on incoming space debris, freely given to scientists for the past 15 years, is no longer going to be made available to said scientists.

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified
June 10, 2009
A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released. The satellites' main objectives include detecting nuclear bomb tests, and their characterizations of asteroids and lesser meteoroids as they crash through the atmosphere has been a byproduct data bonanza for scientists. Over the last decade or so, hundreds of these events have been spotted by the classified satellites. Priceless observational information derived from the spacecraft were made quickly available, giving researchers such insights as time, a location, height above the surface, as well as light-curves to help pin down the amount of energy churned out from the fireballs. But all that ended within the last few months, leaving scientists blind-sided and miffed by the shift in policy. The hope is that the policy decision will be revisited and overturned.

Bombing the Moon and classifying meteors. What next. Per the Zetas, the two are related. A Moon base for the elite and covering up the increasing debris incoming from the tail of Planet X - both are related to the coming passage. Per the Zetas, the establishment fears that a pattern in the increasing incidence of fireballs will be discovered, leading scientists to conclude that this is debris in the tail of a planet near the Sun. This is the conclusion the establishment fears, and thus the fireballs and meteors and near Earth objects are now classified.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/20/2009: There was obviously no harm done to national security during the decade that data from these satellites was shared with scientists, so why the change? There is no explanation given, just the change in policy. On the face of it, this policy change is to prevent the bulk of scientists from seeing the increasing evidence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system. The tail, as we have been stating, is turning toward the Earth, and this means increasing fireballs screaming across the skies. It is the pattern of where this debris is coming from that the US military wants to avoid. To date, it has been haphazard enough that no pattern has been established. Fireballs scream across both hemispheres, erratically. They have not formed a clear pattern of a lick from a large tail, and this coming from the direction of the Sun. The cover-up has reached the stage where excuses can no longer be given, so no excuses are given. This in and of itself is evidence of the cover-up crumbling and failing.

Brooklyn Building Collapse

Buildings are continuing to fall down, for no apparent reason. The latest in Brooklyn, where the only indication of a pending collapse was a long crack down the façade of the building. The crack had been there for 10 years. Shaking, was another recent problem, ongoing for 6 months. But no one expected the building to just collapse in a heap.

4-Story Fort Greene Building Collapses
June 21, 2009
A four-story Brooklyn building recently cited for a long crack in its facade dramatically collapsed this afternoon, stunning onlookers and spurring the evacuation of five nearby buildings. The building's owner, William Sang, showed up at the scene right before the collapse after a tenant called to report falling items in his apartments. The building's upper three floors contained apartments housing five tenants in all, while the ground floor had been occupied by a popular watering hole, Vesper Bar and Lounge. Sang was quick to blame the owner of the adjacent building, pointing out that right before the collapse yesterday there had workers doing repairs on the other building's façade. .However, the Building Department inspectors had written up Sang's building on May 1 for shaking and a crack measuring one-half inch to one-inch that ran from the first to third floor. The crack's been there for 10 years. The building has been shaking for past six months.

What occurred here? What was causing the periodic shaking in an otherwise sound building? I live in a 105 year old home that has cracked plaster in the walls due to settling, and when the freight train roars by the house jiggles due, I suspect, to water in the soil just 15 feet below ground level. I'm sure I'm not alone here in town. But I'm not expecting my house to suddenly collapse, nor have any in the village collapsed, ever.

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/23/2009: All buildings settle, and most develop cracks in the paster or the brick or mortar façade showing that settling has occurred. Homes or buildings where the foundation is on ground that can transmit vibrations due to water in the soil will jiggle or shake if a quake or heavy rail or road traffic initiates those vibrations. The ability of a home or building to jiggle or shake, rather than resist vibrations, is actually a sign the building will withstand an earthquake, as the tree that bends stands in a windstorm while the tree that is rigid will crack. This Brooklyn building, by the crack, showed that the ground under the building was unstable, as it had settled in the past. It was not on solid rock. We predicted years ago that incidences of imploding buildings would begin to occur, where the substructure would simply give way so the building had no support. This is one such incidence. The substrata dropped under the building, destabilizing it to the point where the building fell in upon itself, and suddenly. That the basement floor and walls had dropped may or may not be reported in the media. The truth may be killed by the cover-up over the various Earth changes caused by the presence of Planet X. The ground is moving, heaving and dropping, increasingly.

DC Metro Crash

A horrific accident on the DC metro occurred on June 22, when one train piled on top of another. Per a fail-safe system installed on the metro years ago, this should not have occurred. A computer system should have taken over the approaching train and applied its brakes.

9 Dead After Metro Accident
June 23, 2009
An inbound Metro train smashed into the back of another at the height of the Monday evening rush hour, killing at least nine people and injuring scores of others in Metro's deadliest ever subway accident. Experts familiar with Metro's operating systems tell The Washington Post operator error and failure of the signal system likely caused the deadly crash. To prevent trains from colliding, Metro designed a fail-safe computerized system that controls speed and breaking. If trains get too close to each other, the computers are supposed to automatically apply the brakes. Officials had no explanation for the cause of the accident that happened as the six-car trains were headed toward the Fort Totten station. The trains' devices that record operating speeds and commands are being turned over to the National Transportation Safety Board. The FBI is on the scene Tuesday morning. Metro officials say the FBI is assisting the NTSB with evidence collection.

There are many points where the system could have failed, but the computer logs and testing of the various devices should be able to show the point of failure, if any. Per the Zetas, the answer to this failure, like the crash of Air France 447, will never be known.

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/23/2009: This is an accident that could have resulted from multiple failure points. The computer system could have faulted, failing to initiate braking. The devices on the train sensing the speed of the train could have failed. The devices on the track ahead could have failed to alert the system to the presence of a parked train. Or the braking devices on the train could have failed. We predict that all devices will be removed to a safe lab, tested, and found intact and working correctly. Systems such as this have fail safe mechanisms, and this means redundant sensing controls so that if one fails, another clicks in. It is not merely a backup, it is a great deal of redundancy, so that all sensing devices must have failed, simultaneously.

Could the computer have failed, simply being unaware of the speed of the train and the presence of another train on the track ahead? This evidence will be in the computer system log. We predict that the computer system readouts will show that all components of the system were sensing correctly, and the system correctly alerted the computer system. This was the case at the time the train announced it was stopping due to another on the tracks ahead. What then caused the train to return to moving ahead, as though the tracks were clear? It was as though the computer system were suddenly disconnected from communications from the track ahead, yet nothing had changed. The track ahead and the position of the stopped train ahead had not changed in any manner. Yet the computer system concluded an all clear.

Clearly the brakes worked, and were responsive to the computer system. The train had slowed and announced it was stopping. The emergency manual brakes likewise worked, and were applied just ahead of the crash. So if all systems were operational, then what caused the failure? If the computer system concluded that the way ahead was clear, then the signal transmitted to the oncoming train from the tracks ahead was lost. We have mentioned the increasing problem of electro-magnetic pulse caused by the charged tail of Planet X. Where brownouts and blackouts occur, this is covered in the media by various excuses such as an overtaxed electrical system. But these pulses affect systems other than the grid, as the downing of Air France 447 shows. Increasing incidences such as this will be occurring.

Evidence does indeed show that the computer system was functional, as the train had stopped due to a train ahead, making this announcement, but then mysteriously restarted again. Clearly the braking system on the ongoing train was functional, or the train would not have slowed and stopped when making the announcement. Evidence shows by this that the signal from the tracks ahead, signaling that a stopped train was on the tracks ahead, was functional too. For some reason, the computer system thought the track ahead had been cleared. That reason had to be an electromagnetic pulse that interfered with transmission of the signal from the track ahead.

Investigators Seek Why Automated Train Didn't Stop
June 23, 2009
Safety officials also are investigating a passenger's statement that the train had stopped briefly then started again before the accident. When the train is in automatic mode, the operator's main job is to open and close the doors and respond to emergencies.
Chronology of Capitol's Deadliest Public Transit Disaster
June 23, 2009
According to one passenger an announcement was made before the crash that the train was stopping because there was another train ahead. Soon after, the train started moving. Within second, it strikes the train stopped ahead.
Computer Failure Could Be Cause of DC Metro Crash Killing 9
June 24, 2009,
The emergency brake button was depressed, and the steel rails showed evidence that the brakes were engaged.
Cause of Washington DC Metro Crash Under Investigation
June 22, 2009
The investigation is complicated by the fact that the rear train was not equipped with data recorders, which will make it more difficult to piece together what happened.

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