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Issue 13, Sunday Mar 4, 2007
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Chemtrail Cover-up

What are the chemtrails trying to cover up? The recent Discover Channel expose was hardly an expose, as it omitted discussion of biological elements in chemtrails designed to make people sick, or the unmarked white planes that deliver the trails, or the fact that the trails are laid in crisscross patterns where jets do not normally fly.

Discovery Channel Takes On Chemical Contrails
Feb 22, 2007
After more than eight years of controversy and censorship, the Discovery Channel is set to bring chemtrails into living rooms across North America. The producers ask: What is in those fuel emissions, and what causes them to linger for hours and link up with one another like a ghostly blanket that seems to affect the weather and perhaps our health?

ZetaTalk Response 2/24/2007: What was the purpose of the recent Discovery Channel's expose on Contrails? Clearly, disinfo, by numerous means. First, omission. They did not address the best evidence that this was not simply aircraft fuel interacting with the atmosphere. They did not address the fact that chemtrails have in the past contained biological elements, infectious elements, and the populace under a sprayed area went to clinics, swelling the patient load there. They did not address the obvious crisscross patterns, outside of aircraft routes. They did not address what many have observed, unmarked planes, specially equipped to carry tanks of some chemical to be released. They did not address that practice runs were being made where the drift is toward population centers, to verify where and when they should spray in the event sickening the target city would become necessary. And they certainly did not address the pattern of spraying whereby population centers have a fogged sky just when they might catch a good glimpse of an emerging Second Sun rising or setting. What was the goal of this supposed expose? To place in the public's mind that chemtrails are harmless, and have a logical explanation. Just from the jet fuel. A type of cloud. Since this matter has been a topic of discussion on the Internet for a decade or more, why now? Because the time has arrived when the pace must pick up, as Planet X and its moon swirls will become increasingly visible, and the establishment is painfully aware of this. When discussion on the many crisscrossing trails comes up around the coffee machine, someone in the crowd will have a ready answer! They saw it on Discovery, and as everyone knows, this is a channel dedicated to science. Will this campaign work? The cover-up is holding back a dam, with cracks, and the flood is inevitable. When the truth does emerge, the public will be all the more furious for having been so routinely lied to. And they won't be passive about their anger.

Signs in the Sky

Are we about to have signs in the sky? This is foretold by legend. From the Kolbrin, reporting on the days prior to the Jewish Exodus from Egypt, and in predicting the forthcoming pole shift precursors:

The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and they were foretold by strange omens in the skies. All men were silent and went about with pale faces. … The Heralds of Doom will appear. They will come softly, as thieves to the tombs, men will not know them for what they are, men will be deceived, the hour of the Destroyer is at hand.

The Zetas were asked about a significant crop circle last September, and indicated that by Feb 25, 2007, that those aware of Hawkings interpretations of the crop circle would realize something was up. But the Zetas would not get specific.

Question: Dr. Robert H. Hadley, Professor Hawkins and others have analyzed Crop Circle T367. After their analysis, Hadley and Hawkins both came up with (among other dates) an event prediction of Feb. 25, 2007. Is T367 a valid warning from yourselves or other benign aliens?

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/20/2006: Earth is missing from this Crop Circle as the fact that the Earth was to halt in her orbit when Planet X came near the Sun was to be information kept from the establishment. Certainly, anyone privy to this interpretation will realize that something is being covered up, by this date, as mankind will no longer be blind. We are not getting into specifics re this warning, as usual, so as not to alert the establishment to what they should issue disinformation on.

On the Feb 24, 2007 live chat, the Zetas were asked again about this crop circle's meaning. The Zetas inferred that mankind would be seeing signs in the sky, looking to the skies.

Question: Now that it's one day before February 25, 2007, would the Zetas care to comment on what they meant by mankind no longer being blind by this date?

ZetaTalk Response 2/24/2007: We stated, in our cryptic answer to this question, that we would not be specific so as not to warn the establishment. When Earth changes, or signs in the sky, emerge that were not anticipated, they stumble, are obvious, and the cover-up quickly generated is crude. Look to the recent Discover Channel expose on chemtrails. They are all 'normal'. Were such things about in the past? They have just alerted the populace who was unaware to start looking and wondering! The clear sense that they are witnessing a coverup, but of what. Now you have people looking to the skies, where what was hoped was that they would accept that their view was being fogged! If the view is being fogged, then why?

Cover-up Desensitization Process

If mankind were to begin seeing signs in the sky, signs like a Second Sun once again visible and not lost in the glare of the Sun, and moon swirls in red dust looking like asteroid swarms, what's a cover-up to do? Desensitize the public by calling wolf so many times that they no longer look or pay attention! This seems to be what happened recently when there was buzz on the Internet about what was called a tsunami from space, a gravity wave, that was to arrive on March 9 and would cause darkness on Earth along with earthquakes and rising tides. This, supposedly revealed by someone from the European Space Agency, a leak.

Please Prepare Yourselves for Unimaginable Destruction in the Weeks Ahead
Feb 18, 2007
I work as a research assistant at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany. I'm breaking all the rules in warning you. People everywhere are going to be in great danger soon. We have a sort of tsunami approaching us, and the impact on the climate and infrastructure is inestimable. Please see to it that you make the same sort of preparations you would in anticipation of a nuclear war. There are many survivalist websites that can advise you in this respect. You should be fully prepared by the end of the first week in March at the latest. The sun will also darken, giving the impression that less light is reaching the earth. Every region of the world will be affected. Nobody really knows if some areas will be more severely hit than others. We do however know that aging infrastructures and critical urban developments (i.e. poorly built housing and older high-rises) are going to be more susceptible. Also, coastal regions and cities built around major rivers could suffer very badly. We know that the main danger lies in the vigorous nature of solar winds. Whether or not such activity translates into electro-magnetic storms is part of the unknown at present.

Do the warnings of a darkening sky, something from space, sound like the warnings the Zetas have given for the tail effects? The Zetas have also long warned that a quickening of the quakes is in process, including tsunami risk, the Earth wobble increasing so that weather irregularities such as deluge increase. The Zetas have also long ago stated that electromagnetic effects from the charged tail of Planet X would occur, as they did in August, 2003 during the last tail waft when blackouts occurred around the world.
Aug 14, 2003
A massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada on Thursday, leaving sections of New York , Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto without electricity. It was not immediately clear whether the Niagara Mohawk problem caused the wider outage.

So what do the Zetas have to say about attempts to desensitize the public with false warnings?

Question: Could Zetas comment about the tsunami from outer space and the March 9 date of the event? Is it happening as he says?

ZetaTalk Response 2/24/2007: There have been numerous instances of late attempting to explain what is about to become evident, on Earth, in other than Planet X terms. ZetaTalk, which stated that Planet X came into the inner solar system in 2003 but was shrouded by dust and lost in the Sun's glare, has been subject to disinformation campaigns since the day it was born in 1995. The last thing the establishment wants is for ZetaTalk to be proven correct! Thus, as quakes increase, volcanoes explode, continents rip apart in the manner we have predicted, and weather irregularities continue in the manner we predicted in 1995 when only ZetaTalk was discussing these matters, they are in a panic. This is not the first, nor will it be the last such attempt to capture the Internet in an explanation for the Earth changes, all of which avoid mention of ZetaTalk. By posturing as an employee of ESA, this disinfo source seeks to gain credibility. It has long been known, in the astronomical community, that the ESA was rebellious against NASA's rule and strong arm tactics. But as we have stated, anyone in the astronomical community who would be posting on message boards, or speaking out, would find themselves eliminated before they could make the move. They are literally tailed, their internet connections controlled, and warned. If they are fools, they are dead. If they are not fools, and want to live, they fester in silence.

Guatemala Sinkhole

A monster sinkhole opened up under a city in Guatemala, 330 feet deep and dropping straight down, sheer cliffs.

Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala
Feb 23, 2007
Two teenagers were killed when the giant 330-foot-deep sinkhole in a Guatemala City neighborhood swallowed up several homes and at least one truck. The giant sinkhole is emitting foul odors, loud noises from below are being heard and tremors are shaking the surrounding ground. When a rush of water was heard from its depths the authorities feared it could widen or others could open up. Apparently residents had been hearing noises and feeling tremors for about a month waking them from their sleep until this morning when the giant sinkhole claimed everything on its surface.

Question: Is the large sinkhole in Central America that appeared this week more evidence of the stretch zone effects?

ZetaTalk Response 2/24/2007: We have explained in great detail the pre-shift quakes that will occur, the manner in which the plates of the crust will move. S America is nailed at the tip, as N America is at its top, unable to roll due to the straight line from Japan to Iceland that locks it. Thus, as the Atlantic widens at the Equator, S America rolls to the West, crushing Central American and the Caribbean while it does so. N America pulls diagonally, a situation that will soon erupt creating quakes and sinking ground and disaster in almost every State of the Union. For Central America, such a horror as a 330 foot deep sinkhold, hardly caused by a broken sewer line, is just the start. The question for those trying to placate their nervous heart over this matter should ask, what caused the sewer line to break, in the first place?

Were the people of this Guatemalan city warned of this impending disaster? They were apparently warned of it's possibillity, by benign aliens, as a UFO blitz happened over this exact same spot where the giant sinkhole occurred, in 2004, captured on video.

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