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ZetaTalk: Star of Bethlehem
Note: written during the Nov 2, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The birth of Jesus was, as was his birth, a guided occasion. It was not by accident that what is commonly called the 3 Wise Men arrived at the humble stable where his mother was recovering from birth, the only accommodation they could secure. How likely would it be that such humble parents would come to the attention of Kings, coming to what they sensed from afar was an occasion? Did Joseph and Mary issue Birth Announcements? Did Joseph and Mary carry social weight, such that not delivering a gift would be a social slight? If the kings were simply following tradition in their society, they would arrive at tens of thousands of houses, with newly delivered babies, and never find the child Jesus.

Was it a star that guided them? In that stars can be seen from all directions, with slight variation in direction in a given small country just as Jerusalem, this would not be a clear guide. The star was brighter than the rest, and allowed the Kings to move with the road ways, and not lose their direction. They were, thus, not looking up, but forward. The same influences that clued the Kings into the birth of someone special, someone meant to influence the world, guided them to the spot of his birth. This was, as suspected, not a star, but a bright object in the sky under alien visitor control, which was positioned to act as a leading light to the stable. Thus, it moved, to appear at the same level in the sky, always pulling them in the right direction. And when they had found the city, the star remained stationary! Not moving during the night! Not at all what one expects from a star. The 3 Wise Men, kings, were the right stuff as far as orientation, and were in the habit of giving the Call to visitors in the Service-to-Other. Thus, they had all learned, independently, of the pending birth, and begged to be in attendance and assistance in some way.

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