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ZetaTalk: Revelations
Note: written during the Aug 24, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Bible, when written, as we have stated, had a specific audience of those in the region, as Jesus was just one of many Star Children visiting Earth with the intent of passing on a message of love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself, and the spread of Christianity not anticipated anymore than the spread of the Koran almost worldwide. Thus, those who interpreted his words, or put their personal visions into words, were in this tradition, speaking to the people of the area. Revelations describes, often in symbolic language, the pole shift coming next year, by explaining what those in the regions would experience - hail, earthquakes, exploding volcanoes that darken the sky with ash, fire storms from air passing over the volcanoes, and being on the Long Day side of the Earth, a fire dragon in the sky; the heat of the Long Day, an unending beating of the summer sun on an area near the Equator; the heat of hot earth as many fault lines adjust, some by subducting under each other or by allowing lava to flow closer to the surface; frantic insects of the desert, not waiting for night to creep about but running in panic over people not used to this experience. In reading the words of Revelations, those words that apply to the Earth changes without doubt, one can see what folklore and ourselves are explaining will occur.

So what of the Fatima prophecy of 3 days of utter darkness, which has become a virtual expectation of the faithful. The Fatima revelations are much under the thumb of the Pope, who is scarcely telling his flock the truth. The current Pope, and his entourage, have announced that the Fatima secrets withheld were about a Pope's assassination, hardly something to keep secret! Does anyone believe this, when he has purchased, with the funds of the faithful, viewing time in Arizona to watch the approach of Planet X? So why would a statement, such as 3 days of darkness, even be made? Because it is a hallmark statement, something that could not be, and would not be, confused with any occurrence leading up to the pole shift. In short, a catastrophic lie, to mislead, to keep the flock quiescent, to keep them at home, or praying in the churches, to leave the Pope free to travel with his entourage to wherever he may chose, as it can be assumed that that the time is not near. Thus, we are saying that this was not what those at Fatima received, in any truthful vision, but the truth is being altered by the Pope. Those who know otherwise are either dead, or not expected to speak out.

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