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ZetaTalk: Homeopathy
Note: written on Jun 15, 2002

Homeopathy, the concept that physical reactions to disease and the cure have some relationship both has and does not have a valid basis. It has long been known that cancer is sometimes cured by a high fever, such as Chickenpox infection. This is the immune system being spiked, along with a desire on the part of the patient to live, such that the immune system is no longer suppressed due to depression and a silent desire to end the life. Here we have cancer causing weakness and fever, due to secondary infections and lack of appetite, and we have the Chickenpox causing the same symptoms, thus the homeopathy concept applied. Allergy is at times treated by desensitizing the patient, giving them small bits of the allergen until the reaction seems to stop. Is this curing the allergy or managing it, or taking advantage of a natural reaction? In fact, allergy patients will often report that if exposed for long times, years, their allergy reactions reduce. Worse at first, later reducing, as the body sorts out the true onslaught to the immune system over time. So is desensitization, creating more of the same symptoms as the disease, a cure, or a manipulation of the body’s natural tendencies? Homeopathy, is primarily a hope, and like voodoo and the placebo effect, where the will or hope effect the cure hoped for, is not factual in the main. Those living in countries where homeopathy is unknown fare as well or as poorly as those in countries where this is a theory respected.

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