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ZetaTalk: Ural Map
Note: written on Jun 15, 2002

Reputedly an ancient map of the Ural Mountains were discovered, estimated age to be 120 millions years. We estimate, based on when the makers were present, more akin to 90 million years ago. In that the Ural Mountains are on a solid old plate, always remaining above sea level, it is probable and likely that their shape would be the same over the eons, for Earth. Is this a true map, and who would have drawn this? It is indeed real, although the age is not quite as estimated but more recent. The map makers were not Homo Sapiens, or even hominoid. As we have stated, Homo Sapiens is not the first intelligent creature on Earth to be capable of forming souls. Prior to the dieoff of the dinosaurs, there was another race, reptilian, that had been engineered to this level. These reptilians were peers of man. What you might term their hands were dexterous, as are lizards on your Earth today. It was the handiwork of these creatures that was discovered.

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