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ZetaTalk: Yogas
Note: written on Apr 15, 2002

Yogas, who control their bodies to be able to breath with reduced oxygen use, in closed chambers, buried chambers, for hours past the point of death in a normal person, or otherwise resist injury by walking over hot coals, are not operating outside their physiology. If they were, then why are there limits on what is reported, or performed? If one can walk over hot coals, then why not through a firestorm? If breathing less and reducing the metabolism for hours, then why not weeks? If super-human powers were afoot, then limits would not be in place. Yogas learn, through dedicated practice, to control their body's reactions, not unlike a warrior resisting pain during battle in order to survive. Your bodies use of oxygen can take surprising steps, as for instance where a child falls into very cold water and is apparently dead for an hour or more, then revived as normal. This is an indication of the capacity of the body to reduce its normal reactions. Yogas who walk over coals have, in the first place, callused bare feet that have almost an inch of dead skin, thickened, on the soles. They have analyzed and practiced just how long the food must be on a hot coal, how quickly lifted, and where to place the foot. Blistering does not occur, as live flesh has not been burned. Dead thickened skin peels off, rebuilding underneath, and no one but the Yoga is the wiser.

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