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ZetaTalk: Endless Debate
Note: written during the March 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

In answering the question recently on Wandering Poles, where they were for the several shifts back and what occurred on Earth during those times, it should be apparent to the readership that overlapping changes have occurred. Where one might be pointed due north at one time, pointed north-east after a shift, then moved again to be pointed due north again, this does not mean that all lines up as before! Continents change position vs a vs each other during such time, so where one spot may be, again, due north, a spot on another continent may not have adjusted back. Thus, is not simply pointing out that one must revisit the past few pole shifts, and what direction a spot or object on Earth may have found itself pointing in, it is building one shift upon another to determine the overall effect.

In the case of the Giant Pyramids, rumored to be pointing or aligned exactly north and south but in fact not that precise at all, one must consider what the builders were after. They were wishing to allow their offspring, on earth so long after they had died, to sight the inbound 12th Planet in time to get into space in a ship and moving into position to join and land this passing planet as it floated past. This is not pointing to Orion, as the approach close to the passage is 32 degrees below the ecliptic, the planet having dropped during its approach. Thus, one must not only reverse-engineer the Great Pyramids through the past pole shift, but also bear in mind just where the sighting down the long tubes of a reddish light from the inbound planet might be. All of this makes for an exercise that would not resolve readily, and is pointless in view of the near at hand passage in a year or so.

We would suggest that those obsessed with the past put this aside, and focus on the future. As Nancy is fond of saying, "Are you prepared to help all the orphans that will be gathered around your knees after the shift? No? Then why are you focusing on trivia!"

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