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ZetaTalk: Paganism
Note: written on Mar 15, 2002

Paganism, or witchcraft as it is often called, is misunderstood by those who would suppress it. As with simple and humanistic concepts such as the American Indian practice, such as adopting the offspring of early coupling not resulting in marriage, this is considered blasphemy by the religious elite. The American Indian practices allow a practical and humanistic arrangement that does not create a bastard child from the offspring of young love. Christianity treats the innocent child as a bastard and punishes it. Seeing God in nature is so prevalent among mankind, who recognizes instinctively God's hand in nature, that it is universal and throughout mankind’s history. Yet the Christian church states that God is found in the church, and speaks only though the words of the elite who preach in what they term the house of God. Thus, those in touch with nature were burned at the stake in Christianity's history. God created nature, and the bonding that those aware of nature's rhythms have with nature are a bonding with God's rules and edicts. Thus, we would advise that those who sense God in nature are not amiss, nor should they be put off by the loud demands of those who would control their thoughts.

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