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ZetaTalk: Levitate
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002

Levitation of objects, and rapid movement of space ships, is largely based on manipulation of gravity. As we have described in space travel, faster than light, when the Repulsion Force is removed, and there is only attraction, it's a quick kiss! This manipulation of gravity is also evident in our space ships, which not only hover, they have their own center of gravity inside. The occupants can look down to see the surface of Earth overhead, for instance, as Nancy can relay.

Levitation by mankind is a trick. For those who think they are viewing this and feel it cannot be so, we would point out the many ways that trick can be done. Wire or string can be the same color as the backdrop, and thus not seen, or clear in nature for this effect. Likewise, pedestals can be under an object, and as long as the same color or appearance as the backdrop, not seen. In these tricks, there is often distraction at play during the levitation, such that the attention of the audience is drawn away from these areas. There are objects that are passed under the levitated object that break at the point where they pass by the pedestal or wires, and snap together again. This is because they are magnetized, and solid enough that the break and reattachment can be counted on. All this accompanied by much noise and music and waving about, as distraction.

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