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ZetaTalk: Bible Code
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000

The Bible Code does not exist. This is nonsense. The Bible Code is something that people have pieced together. They have stated that periodically, every third beat or according to some pattern, that something appears in the text. Why would Jesus, who spoke very simply to the common man, who stated his message over and over so it would not get garbled, speak in such codes and then bury them so that only certain individuals could find them? If one took snowflakes landing on the edge of a razor and analyzed them in an attempt to find a pattern, and tried hard enough, one could make them say almost anything. This has been done with Nostradamus. He was quite telepathic and aware of what was going on in his own world and had a great success rate. But he did not predict the future in his quatrains, which can be interpreted in millions of ways. Just because someone interprets it this way or that way does not make it so. The Bible Code does not exist. Anyone who has the capacity to challenge this assertion will find it to be a bunch of nonsense.

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