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ZetaTalk: Twisted Message
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000

Religions take two paths. They are primarily influenced, when they are influenced, by benevolent entities from higher densities who wish to explain a message of love - the message of Jesus, the simple Golden Rule, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, etc. These messages are meant to teach democratic concepts - how to get along with one another and be accepting of differences and the like. Because religion has an element of adoration, humans tend, as all 3rd Density cultures do, to look as children toward the messenger and say “Ah, we have gotten this from a wise parent”. Because of this, those who would rule humans and be despots try to slip behind and assume the robes of the religious community and become what we have termed the religious elite.

All religions have to some degree, and some to a great degree, assumed the nature of laying down the rules and the laws. Forget about being concerned or empathic to your neighbor. Where is your money? Where is your obedience to the rules? Where is your fear? The message thus twists and turns. The major religions on the Earth - those formed by Mohammed, Buddha, and Jesus - were influenced by Star Children who came down with the right message, but they have been twisted to some degree or another. Similarly, this occurs in New Age groups, which try to form life styles such as communes, and occurred in communism, which might be considered a religion of sorts. Communism describes how to get along with one another and it is no secret as to how it was twisted. Communism is as corrupt, with black markets, as capitalism. So these underlying themes are present in all religions, large and small.

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