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ZetaTalk: Stigmata
Note: written on Sep 15, 1999

The body can create stigmata through a force of will. This is often suspected. A great deal of illness, almost the majority, is caused by what is termed psychosomatic problems - tension, or a decision by the person to become ill - as astonishing as this may seem. There are a great many auto-immune diseases, infection that just doesn’t seem to heal, that antibiotics can’t suppress so the infection overwhelms. Cancer itself is a decision by the body to die. If inflammation can be caused by the will, then why can’t a person cause an inflammation to the point of burst capillaries in the center of one’s palm? This is quite possible. People who walk on hot coals, who are able to hold their breath and be almost buried alive and manage to be dredged up hours later - they have learned to control their bodies as the Yogi’s do. This is not all that unusual. It’s not common, but not all that unusual. People who have great faith, and wish to join with the aesthetics, with the saints, to merge with them and be dead before their time, will often take on those physical forms that make their life on Earth more similar to where they wish to be, with their admired ones.

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