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ZetaTalk: Wilhelm Reich
Note: written on Jul 15, 1997

Many considered Wilhelm Reich to be simply a charming man with crack-pot theories, but the government of the US considered him to be dangerous for one and only one reason. His theories were entirely bogus, but as he was advocating orgasm as a means to achieving health, he raised the ire of the strongly anti-sexual church and state establishment. Of course there was interest in his theories in a sexually repressed society, and those with health problems caused in part by repression of their sex drives found themselves happier and healthier by indulging. His treatments were guilt free as it was just the doctor’s orders! Both the church and state had an interest in maintaining sexual repression, as the Catholic church collected membership fees in exchange for forgiveness and the government collected taxes from the millions frantically working themselves into exhaustion to dull their sex drives. He was viewed as a menace to society, on whatever charges that would stick, and sent promptly to prison as an example to anyone else thinking of promoting such theories.

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