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ZetaTalk: Sai Baba
Note: written on Jun 15, 1997

Mystics claiming special qualities are nothing new, in any age, but at the current time are given more credence than usual due to the approach of the millennium. The millennium has been wrapped for ages in a double message - salvation and peace on the one hand, death and destruction on the other. People confused and frightened by the legends, which permeate all human cultures in some manner, will be increasingly inclined to grasp at any explanation that promises security and takes away the worry. How much better than the promise of a returning messiah is the reality of one living and among the anxious! Such is the promise that Sai Baba attempts to deliver, and for those willing to put aside skepticism or scrutiny of the many claims about the man, comfort at least is delivered. Is he the messiah, the spirit who was Jesus, returned? Hardly!

Sai Baba is reputed to have said that all his followers will be protected during the coming Earth changes. Of course this is not true, and is elitism at its worst. Those who state that their followers will be saved are of course trying to secure for themselves increased advantage that they have enjoyed, because the more desperation there is the more faithful and slavish will be their following. Of course, the disappointment will be severe, but by that time the leaders who have duped people will have secured what they wish to and squirreled away their own safety and will not be around to be questioned afterwards.

Due to the fact that this world has chosen, by vote of the souls on Earth, to be a Service-to-Other planet, those individuals currently incarnated by Service-to-Other souls can maintain their current incarnation should they wish it in order to help their fellow man struggle through these trying times after the Pole Shift. This has been misinterpreted in the past as being ascendance up into the heavens of the faithful. Of course it's not that, it's not faithfulness to any set of rules and regulations such as Christianity. Less than a third of humanity is truly Service-to-Other, and qualify, the rest still undecided or leaning to self centeredness. And most of those who qualify, the vast majority, close to 85% perhaps, refuse this assistance.

They wish to be with those who depend on them at their most trying time, when fear may overtake them, when they may turn, in hopelessness, to thoughts of saving themselves at the expense of others. They wish to continue to be, as they often are, the mainstay for others, the strong person who supports and is calm in times of crisis, even if that puts themselves at personal risk of death or injury. Most often, therefore, the lift is declined. When Sai Baba or any other states that their followers will be protected, they are therefore not speaking to such individuals. This in and of itself is an indication of the true nature of this group.

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