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ZetaTalk: Reverse Speech
Note: written on Jan 15, 1997

There is no such phenomena as reverse speech, and all such discoveries are just imagination. The human body is not designed to speak intelligibly in a reverse manner, simultaneous to forward speech spoken at a different speed. The human mind perceives rolling forward and does not replay backwards, and simply is not geared that way because nature does not play things backwards. Humans evolved on Earth to deal with sights and sounds around them, not with an artificial phenomena. Always nervous about being tempted by the Devil, humans as most 3rd Density intelligent species look for signs that this is occurring. Discontent to simply rely on their intuition, they want a truth test that can be applied. It's just so much easier. Of course, if any human is being tempted by visiting entities in the Service-to-Self, is it because they asked for this, by giving The Call, but as it's so much more comfortable to point the finger elsewhere, the pointing finger wants someplace to land. Reverse speech is just the thing.

As an avenue only recently detectable, due to modern electronic playback systems which can play video and audio tapes in either direction, and at any speed, it has recently experienced a rush of attention which, we predict, will not last. In point of fact, any conversation played backwards at various speeds will sound vaguely like a recognizable speech phrase. Don't children lay on their backs on a summer day and call out shapes that the clouds assume? Don't pet owners claim their pets are talking due to the cadence of the meow or whimper? If one expects to find a phrase, and plays speech or music backwards long enough and at different speeds, eventually some sounds will seem to emerge that bear a faint relationship to a word or two. This is particularly true of music or speech that threatens the control of the establishment - parents determined to rein in their teen-agers, or rigidly religious folks determined to eliminate what they term temptation so that their urges cannot run away with them.

Where reverse speech is not truly occurring, there is another phenomena in place in which people are trying to ascribe a physical medium for information that they understand intuitively. Human beings who are barely aware of their incarnated spirit, often have knowledge that they cannot ascribe to any source. Did they hear it on TV, the radio, read it in a book, or hear it from a buddy? No, but they just simply have this information, have no explanation for where it came from. Often people are simply looking for a source. If someone has that information and are trying to relay it, they frequently find they have to package it in some way or people won't even listen. If they simply say they have a thought that popped into their head, who is going to listen? There must be some kind of a logical explanation. Thus, in dealing with reverse speech, one should listen with an open heart and mind to the underlying message, which may have a great deal of truth to it.

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