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ZetaTalk: Ouija Boards

Note: written on Jan 15, 1997

All intelligent creatures wish to know the future, and humans are no exception. They wish to divine whether the one they have their eye on is likely to return their affections, whether their fortunes will turn for the better or take a loss, whether the path they have set upon will prove to be the right choice, or whether a child that they are flourishing much attention upon will meet their hopes when grown. Humans read horoscopes, tea leaves, and palms, and use any other method they can that promises, however falsely, to give them the answers they seek. It is not surprising, then, that the Ouija Board is held in high regard by humans anxious to know the answer to their burning questions.

The success attributed to the Ouija Board methods, however, are due only to the humans whose hands direct the answers. The Ouija Board is credited with spelling out known names and likely dates, when in truth this is entirely within the control of the humans with their hands on the pointer, eyes closed or not. It takes but a moment to mentally record the pattern of letters and numbers, and the distance between them. Even blindfolded, the human hand can trace what the mind remembers, and sense the tension in the air when this or that target is close.

For those who think that spirits are near on occasion, when the Ouija Board is used, this is entirely possible as the intent of many while using this board is to call these spirits. This is indeed giving The Call, and depending upon the mindset of the caller the result may be a visit from entities in the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other. Using the Ouija Board in and of itself is not giving The Call, if the human understands the exercise to be simply a way of divining their subconscious wishes or knowledge, but if the human is convinced that the Ouija Board is a sure link to the spirit world and then proceeds to use the Ouija Board, they are indeed giving The Call.

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