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pyramid ZetaTalk: Pyramids
Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

There has been endless speculation about the Giant Pyramids and the pyramid shape in general, as the reason ancient pyramids were built is unknown. The reason the shape was chosen is so simple that it has been overlooked as being too obvious. The shape endures through earthquakes, and great height is easier to attain than with a rectangular shape as sheer walls where heavy object must be lifted, rather than dragged, is avoided. Where the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet had, at times, the assistance of levitation from aliens in the Service-to-Self that they often were allied with, they did not always have this assistance, so ease of construction was a consideration. Primarily, the ability of the pyramid to endure over thousands of years made it the shape of choice. The Giant pyramids, as we have stated, were astronomical devices to assist those left behind to mine Earth in determining when the next passage of the 12th Planet was nigh.

Pyramid cults have sprung up that claim almost magical results from operations done under a pyramid shape. This is nonsense, as beyond air circulation under a roof or the ability to drain rainwater, the shape of the roof is irrelevant. Do light rays or radio waves consider the shape of the wall or roof then encounter, avoiding some shapes and being altered by others? The material a shape is composed of may matter, but not the shape, all claims to the contrary. For those who claim that health improved or plants grew faster or whatever, under a pyramid shaped roof, we will point out that the health of mankind is greatly subject to psychological influences, and the eye often sees what it wishes to behold.

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