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ZetaTalk: Robert Monroe
Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

Emotions have been troubling to many, as they impel a human into taking action that he might later regret. This regret manifests as a result of defensive emotions of anger or fear, where the human might find that they have murdered another or lost something of value due to abandoning it in fright. This regret can also manifest as a result of desires, where one can be overcome with regret the day after the wedding night, or when faced with having to support an unwanted child carried by a mother who was only to be a sexual dalliance. Thus emotions have often been blamed for keeping mankind base, where it is imagined he cannot raise to a higher spiritual plane until he masters his emotions. This notion is patently untrue, and progress toward maturing in either of the spiritual orientations proceeds regardless of whether the entity is incarnated in an intelligent species that is highly emotional or essentially without emotion.

When Robert Monroe discovered that he could go Out-Of-Body he attempted to understand the mechanism, so as to teach and thus enable others to do the same. Going Out-Of-Body is not a practice that responds to any physical tweaking, as he suspected, as music or mind-sets or positions of the body are irrelevant. Going Out-Of-Body is something that humans experience quite by accident, and having experienced this some are able to recreate the setting and go Out-Of-Body almost at will. However, the knowledge of the mechanism is not in the conscious mind, nor is it even in the subconscious mind. It lies in the soul, which is after all the traveler, and the soul is not influenced by sounds or lights or physical positions of the body. Many contactees learn how to go Out-Of-Body during a visitation, and the force of visitor's souls, which are often massive, is a factor in this. Returned to human society, they may or may not remember how to achieve this state. Most certainly, reducing one's emotional response to the world around them has nothing to do with the ability to go Out-Of-Body.

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