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ZetaTalk: Mary's Message
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995

Much has been made of the supposed miracle at Fatima, where the image of Mary, mother of Jesus, appears, floating overhead. Crowds form in awe, whispering to one another, and the local merchants clean up. When one does not see the image of Mary, one is told their faith is not strong enough. Since the vast majority coming to the site have their lives wrapped in Catholic doctrine, they come prepared to see something, and see something they do. Was it in the shape of Mary? They believe so, and chalk up any distortions in the image to the angle, their tired eyes, the weather, or whatever. Since so many others are rapt, would one complain about the image being out of focus? Any explanation but lack of faith is preferable.

The eyes see what the heart hopes to see. Seeing what is anticipated is so common that it is almost a daily occurrence experienced by all. Individual described as having a closed mind will only see what they anticipate or expect to see, feel comfortable with. This phenomenon is very much with you. The mind supersedes what the eye sees, colors it, and filters out certain things that will contradict the expectation. This occurs for future anticipation as well as for memories that are disturbing. For instance, if someone sees something that is upsetting to them, they will rapidly forget it, distort it, and selectively have amnesia. The same kind of screening works on future events.

Beyond the visions induced by suggestibility or a desire to see what one is expected to see, there is fraud. Just as UFO sightings and contactee status are faked for the attention and financial side benefits such claims bring, visits from Mary are on occasion frankly faked. Just as UFO fakes involve altered photos and videos and witnesses backing each other up and presenting scars or other marks supporting their claims, fraudulent visits from Mary use these physical props. We are also told that a Pope, now deceased, wrote a diary of predictions delivered by Mary. The now deceased Pope's diary, whom one cannot ask the Pope about, is a colossal fraud. No such conversations took place, not even in the Pope's mind. Can this be disproved? No. What would one do, go to the grave and ask? It's a safe bet for those perpetrating the fraud. Who are these perpetrators, and what do they hope to gain? Inspect the message carefully, and you will find, repeatedly, two elements.

Why this message? Check out where the large, lucrative churches are located. It is not in rural areas, where the parish is hard pressed to feed the priest. Cash flow wise, it is the big city parish, sustained by the wealthy suburbs, the enclaves of estates, the city home and condominiums kept by the rich and comfortable - that are solidly in the black. Those perpetrating this fraud do not intend to be with the faithful when the cataclysms strike. They will be long gone to safely, bought and paid for by the faithful who have remained, as instructed, in the death traps that big cities will become.

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