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ZetaTalk: Adam and Eve
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The myth that mankind was once pure in innocence or fell due to awareness of their sexuality is utter nonsense. The myth makes no sense at all, other than in the context of sexual repression. Is Christianity about sexual repression? To a great extent, yes, as control over the sexual practices of the flock gives the religious elite great leverage. The sex drive is constant and strong, and when the flock is made to feel guilty about this and tries to buy out from under any impending punishment, this in turn makes the religious elite rich. This is the crux of Catholicism. Anyone who doubts this need only listen to the lectures given school children in Catholic schools and to the anguish poured forth in confessionals. We listen to both, and we know. Why was this nonsense about Adam and Eve perpetrated? Early man had some sense that they were genetically engineered, having seen their makers, and passed this along in myth and legend. Early Christians adopted this legend and changed it to suit their needs. End of story.

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