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ZetaTalk: Buddha

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Buddha was a Star Child, and as such arrived on Earth from a higher density with a great deal more knowledge than the humans he mingled among. As with all incarnations, the corporeal mind and body are ignorant, and only gradually absorb what the incarnating spirit understands. Some call this process enlightenment, an apt term. Buddha did not require others, such as teachers, to become enlightened, as this was a self-directed process. Buddha attempted to communicate, through teachings to mankind, a message of how to balance the needs of the human body with spiritual growth. Yes and no, he succeeded.

During his lifetime, Buddha was able to set in motion the dissemination of his philosophy, what he hoped to teach mankind. This motion has never lost its momentum, nor the purity of its message, but alternate interpretations more to the liking of those who were lazy or indulgent sprang up, and these interpretations have been running in parallel with Buddha's intended message. Buddha's message has thus been primarily interpreted to be a directive to enjoy life, but that is not altogether what he was attempting to teach. This is a one-sided interpretation, the big bellied smiling Buddha, enjoying life without worry. What happened to the spiritual message?

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