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ZetaTalk: Mohammed
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Mohammed, like Jesus and Buddha, was an entity from another world who incarnated on Earth in hopes of spreading knowledge about the spiritual realm. Yes and no, they succeeded. Mohammed would be horrified to learn of the militaristic stance some of his supposed followers have taken. His message was to blend with the Universe, in peace, to blunt the aggressive nature of man so as to listen to the whispers of the spheres. Most of his followers correctly understand his message, but are lost in the thunderstorm coming from many of the Muslim leaders, who would spread blood over all the landscape to win a small point. They send forth their faithful youth to die on false promises of an afterlife they cannot deliver. And like most of the world's religious elite, they know this full well. Parasites on the blood of their young, whom they care not for.

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