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ZetaTalk: Etheric Grid
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The etheric grid system does not exist. There is much ballyhoo about this nebulous and unprovable etheric grid system, however. As with all things that cannot be grasped or pointed to, discussions proceed in various directions. In all fairness, it must be pointed out that many things scientists discuss cannot be grasped or pointed to, yet their existence is firmly believed. Sub-atomic particles is one such instance. But where does information about the etheric grid system come from? Is this a universal belief, such that science can point to the widespread collective awareness, at a minimum? There is little discussion about such a grid system. Is there some measure, however slight, that astronomers can point to? Those putting forth the etheric grid system theory have never attempted to connect with measurable reality, choosing instead to distance themselves from science.

The etheric grid system has been put forth to support a new religion of sorts. This religion looks not to a god in Heaven, as Christians and Jews and Muslims do, nor does it look to animistic gods, such as primitive peoples do when worshipping thunderstorms or voracious predatory animals, nor does it place a select human on a pedestal, as a god, as some cults do. This religion sees the ethereal everywhere, permeating everything, and sees this as the basis of life, the life force. This ethereal substance is the true glue, the true nature, in this belief, and all else an illusion. Where it is true that the human eye and ear do not sense all, the etheric religion discards too much. To replace what has been discarded, it invents the ethereal glue.

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