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ZetaTalk: Fate
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996

Frequently, those resigned or delighted by a turn of events ascribe it all to fate. They were fated to be a success or a failure, to meet or lose the love of their life, to bask in the public eye or be shunted aside, to live a long and healthy life or meet with an early end. Do their actions and resolve have nothing to do with these outcomes? Of course there is no preordained script affecting one's incarnation, except that written by the entity themselves. This feeling that one's fate is sealed is not without basis, as the entity almost invariably has plans for the incarnation and takes charge from babyhood on with these goals in mind. How does this affect the incarnation?

Easily understood are circumstances where fame and fortune are desired, and this is the goal from the outset. The babe, who ostensibly knows nothing of fame and fortune, is in fact found to be practicing the means by which it can become the center of attention, and the toddler, who ostensibly knows nothing of deprivation or want, is found to be hoarding and stashing toys and goodies. In retrospect, seeing the son grown to fame or wealth, the mother reflects and recalls these early indications of the so-called fate of the adult. Where the outcome is unpleasant, fate is given responsibility, as who would wish themselves grief? However, just as often the entity wishes, out of guilt or curiosity, to experience degradation or setbacks, and sets about arranging this from the start. The ne'er-do-well, who drops a course of action just as it starts to succeed, the ugly girl, who fails to stay trim or washed - all cause their fate in thousands of ways not always visible to others.

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