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ZetaTalk: Ganesh Milk
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

Blind faith does many things for the holder, including settling arguments between what the eyes perceive and what faith dictates. These types of arguments arise where the dictates of the faith are tightly bound to survival or security, or where the faith is perceived to offer the only solution to an intractable problem. Thus a child may refuse to acknowledge the death of a parent until a substitute parent is firmly in place, or the religious, living in poverty, may cling to the notion that their gods are real as thus there is some hope of escaping the grinding poverty. Such a situation arises often in India, where there is both grinding and intractable poverty and a cultural and genetic acceptance of discrepancy. If two ideas, simultaneously held, conflict, then simply don't line them up together and thus avoid the conflict. This type of escape requires coconspirators in the family, the workplace, the media, and the government, and in India this is the case. Thus, if the faithful, looking for distraction and longing for a hopeful sign, see what the heart wishes but the eye belies, then blind faith prevails and blind they must be! Did the deity Ganesh drink milk spooned to it, around the world? Hardly, but milk dries to a clear stain, and thus supports this notion of the faithful.

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