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horse ZetaTalk: Trojan War
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995

The Greek legends speak of the war at Troy, where a woman was so desired that legions of warriors were sent to free her. Did this occur? It did indeed but with a twist, as Helen of Troy was not the desired object of this battle, a fact her ego did not allow her to accept. A hand maiden of Helen's, one she kept in tight bondage of servitude, was the true cause of this battle, but Helen loudly announced before, during, and after that she was being sought after, and not hearing otherwise the historians wrote it thus.

Legend has it that Troy was successfully invaded when a gift, the Trojan Horse, was left outside the gates and brought into the city. At war, the citizens of Troy were not so naive as to allow in uninspected such an unexplained object. In fact, the Trojan Horse was not simply a statue, a curiosity - it was food, built of food, stacks of wheat bound together, gourds and dried fruit, all tied about a wooden frame. This, they knew, the starving citizens could not resist. To minimize inspection of such a large object, which they knew was being done routinely on any baskets or barrels of food, the camouflage was shaped into a familiar animal. The citizens focused on the food baubles on the hooves, tail, and face of the horse, and so distracted lost themselves in their appetites before they ever got to the belly of the horse where a single infiltrator lay. Thin and agile, he worked his way out in the dead of night and gave access to his fellows at the gate.

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