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ZetaTalk: Nirvana
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

What the Christians describe as Heaven has an equivalent in other major religions and in all human cultures. What is being referred to here is what the human soul understands, intuitively, awaits. A promise. A possibility. Life in light form, without pain or hunger or struggle. Love all around. An information and exploration extravaganza. The Hindus correctly understand that many lifetimes of practice, many lessons, precede this treasured state. They also describe reincarnation, and backsliding during incarnations, and stages of spiritual growth with the ultimate, Nirvana, achieved only after much personal struggle. Of course, those who take a detour by choosing the Service-to-Self orientation take longer, as after a certain point they cannot proceed in their growth unless they become willing to focus less on the self.

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