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The Cook islands are in an unfortunate position as they ride on a portion of the Pacific plates that will slide under the Indo-Australian Plate as the Pacific compresses. The Tonga Trench is the point of sheer. We have stated that the islands of New Zealand will not tear apart during the plate movements, as both the North and South islands cling to the Indo-Australian plate, despite any fault lines that might lead one to think differently. The islands of the South Pacific that share the Indo-Australian advantage, such as West Samoa, can expect a major boost in elevation during the Pole Shift, but the Cook Islands are not among them.

Since the Cook Islands belong to New Zealand, the residents there can expect rescue from New Zealand, and this is under discussion with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. New Zealand has asked for US assistance, logistically, should an emergency evacuation be required. US ships may be positioned closer to the Cook Islands, which at first glance might seem to be a push-back against China aggression and an alliance with New Zealand, but due to the continuing cover-up over the expected impact of the plate movements we have predicted, the real reason for any such presence is being denied.

ZetaTalk ™ August 26, 2012