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Are the major powers looking beyond the pole shift to the Aftertime, plotting new boundaries and determining what of their land masses and fishing rights they want to protect, and which they are willing to desert? Absolutely. Military might, in the form of exercises, allow the country to demonstrate the military force they are capable of deploying. These exercises have far less to do with the partnerships and unrest at the current time, and more to deal with invasive forces they anticipate in the Aftertime.

Russia is not anticipating invasion from the south, as rather its own people will be migrating south to invade those countries which enjoy higher ground. But the Urals, where their elite will reside, could be vulnerable from the Arctic. Oil fields exist there, under the waves, and the Russians are already making claims and establishing drilling rigs there.

China's elite will reside in the new ghost cities clustered near their current power center, Beijing, and do not anticipate invasion from the deserts of their interior. Rather, they anticipate expanding into these areas in the Aftertime, incorporating whatever survival communities exist. Thus, their military might is focused on protecting their borders from the south, from the flooded lands of Indonesia and southern Asia.

The US has recently abandoned military installations near Japan, clearly abandoning Japan in the process. In the Aftertime, Japan is expected to be virtually unlivable, due to their volcanoes and many nuclear power plants. That they turn around and announce a planned installation in NE Australia, which will be above the waves and with a good climate, is very revealing. It is no secret that Australia plans to be a home to the elite from many countries in the Aftertime.

ZetaTalk ™ July 30, 2011