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We have warned that during the hour of the pole shift, that those living on Caribbean islands and in Central America are at severe risk. Between the great N American Plate and the great S American Plate lie smaller plates that will be ground up or pushed down. Guatemala lies on the border between the N American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, and thus when either of them move, there is shifting of the ground there. A very similar sinkhole occurred in 2007 in Guatemala, and matters will get worse. The Caribbean Plate is under great pressure to sink as the S American Plate intends to roll its top part toward the west. The N American Plate is under great pressure to adjust, shoving Mexico suddenly to the west when the New Madrid shifts and adjusts. Any and all of this is devastating for Guatemala.

ZetaTalk ™ June 5, 2010

Note 7 of 10 Plate Movement commentary.
Note Central America Crumble commentary.
Note Caribbean 7 of 10 commentary.