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icon Sierra Leon/Ivory Coast/Senegal/Guinea

African nations lying in the path of the Atlantic Ocean as it moves from the Equator to the Poles during the week of rotation stoppage, thence back into the void created by a ripping Atlantic Rift, thence sloshing back as the land moves under the Atlantic during the hour of the shift, will find the concept of a hurricane mild to describe the wind born water that will assault their coastline. Africa is blessed with high land, being well above sea level, so the close proximity of mountains is not a requirement for safety during this storm. Move inland, however, as far as possible to the extent of putting hundreds of miles between the coastline and would-be survivors, and stay away from river banks which will rush water dumped inland back out to the sea. After the shift, such coastline countries will find they are well situated for ocean fishing, and will remain tropical in their new climate zone.