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Protected from the assaults of Pacific tidal flooding by the islands of Japan, Vladivostok will nonetheless find itself awash. Survivors should scramble to the mountains of China or, if there is time, to the mountains north in Russian territory. Both will become islands within two years from the polar melt, so some forethought in this regard might be wise. The lands of China bordering North Korea will be awash with refugees from Korea, so ethnic tensions will be aplenty. Vladivpstok survivros will find themselves in familiar territory in that the Aftertime will present them with ocean fishing, and be pleasantly surprised to find the climate much warmer as they stretch out along the new Equator at a very temperate latitude.


Vladivostok is in a highly vulnerable position. It sits on a peninsula close to the ocean on both sides. Its elevation is so low that it will surely be swamped during the pole shift tidal waves, the peninsula run over completely with water roaring back and forth. The pulsing UFO display, formed into in a twisting point, was to focus the citizens of Vladivostok to consider their position on a pointed peninsula. The good citizens of Vladivostok were of course being warned to leave, if intending to survive the pole shift at all.

ZetaTalk ™ 2010