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Snugly within the mountains bordering the great steppes of Siberia, Barnaul will be in an area inundated with half drown survivors after the shift. They will come up river, if they survive the tidal flooding that will occur within two years after the shift, as they have survived by being on a boat, of sorts, and will press upriver seeking, in their fatigue, a place where the waters might stop rising at long last. Barnaul is close to the headwaters where they will rest, and settle. Unaccustomed to any but local folks, the residents of Barnaul will find they have Russians they hardly recognize as neighbors, but keeping a good heart in hard times will make life merrier and far more interesting as the new neighbors will bring news, skills, and will invariably be hardy and resourceful folk, the type how make good teammates. During the shift itself, Barnaul should guard against a rushing river rising over its banks, and jolts that will bring structures not designed for earthquakes down upon them. The Aftertime will find their climate no worse off, in that they will be in a warmer climate, and close enough to fishing in the new oceans brought to their door to feed their new neighbors.