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Perth, situation on the extreme western edge of Australia, will be under water long before the hour of the shift. The pressure during the week of rotation stoppage will have pulled land along the north Atlantic down by 150 feet due to the core continuing to move while the crust is frozen in place by the magnetic attraction of the rapidly approaching comet. This pressure continues around the globe, with the Red Sea and the lands of Pakistan being stretched and the point where the land becomes reluctant to compress, where India is being squeezed under the Himalayas, feeling this pressure. Thus, the plate holding both India and Australia is likely to begin tipping early, causing a drop in sea level even before the shift. Combined with the tendency of water to leave the Equator and move to the poles during that week of rotation stoppage, this increase in sea level will have the residents of Perth with few places to go except inland into the neighboring mountains or onto boats. They will take the latter, due to flooding roads, and thus when the shift itself occurs, will be roiled about with ocean tides moving in different directions, often creating giant whirlpools. Some residents in boats will survive, eventually washing up onto the shores of Australia, now inland and filled with flotsam and hapless survivors from as far away as Indonesia trying to gain a foothold on land. Thus, survivors of Perth, who will be few, will find themselves moving from one horrific drama to another.