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Standing on the edge of the great marshlands of Siberian, Novosibirsk will be the scene of drama during the hour of the shift and the months following. Far enough inland to avoid the sloshing water of the north seas, and placed in the center of an earthquake plate, this city on a river will find itself dealing with nothing more than flooding from upriver and the jolting that will bring all structures that cannot withstand Richter 9 quakes down into rubble. The real drama will begin in the weeks and months following the shift, as Siberia will be inundated by rising water, steadily, over the two years following the shift, until these water cover even Novosibirsk in all but high ground. The flooded populace will have no recourse but to travel toward high ground, dragging carts or on foot, and in many cases afloat in make-shift boats, in particular traveling the river which will bring them to Novosibirsk. Thus, Novosibirsk will be in the heavy traffic lane, and should prepare to be asked by the desperate and confused to explain what has happened, where they should go, and what is to be done. In that the remains of Novosibirsk will be ocean frontage, with much warmer weather, in the Aftertime, there are bright spots on the horizon. Ocean fishing, where the lush regrowth in the oceans can be shared by all due to ocean currents, will be good, and the deserts of Mongolia no longer a desert. Plan accordingly.