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In the highlands of Columbia, Bogota is the site of constant struggle between groups vying for power. The elected government struggles with drug loads and rebels seeking the upper hand, and to add to the mix the US drug wars insert themselves, plying the locals with funds if they cooperate. How will this change when the pole shift occurs? First, communications will be lost, so that phones and TV and radios go dead, and all look about them to determine their next moves. Second, roads and bridges and rail lines will be broken, and air travel blocked by broken runways and planes and helicopters damaged by the hurricane force winds. Thus, travel will be virtually impossible. Third, all groups except the elected government will see this as an opportunity to seize power, and will attempt to do so. Thus, Bogota will switch hands, repeatedly, with this or that war lord declaring themselves in control of a country that could care less what occurs in Bogota.