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Northwest Territory

The Northwest Territory will experience a stretch, not a compression, during the shift, with the spitting of the St. Lawrence Seaway relieving the tension, allowing the land to pull toward the North Pole and Russia as the land in what is now the southern portions of North America are pulled toward Europe and pushed there by the subducting of the Pacific plates along the West Coast. The most significant impact of the shift, for this relatively unindustrialized and lightly settled province, will be the sudden change in climate, which will go from cold to hot, almost overnight. What is now the eastern portion of the Northwest Territory will undergo steady inundation during the two years following the shift, and for those survivors who have not been privy to warnings about the shift and the impact on their lands, the steady flooding will be confusing. Likely to head in the wrong direction, which seeking higher ground, survivors may find themselves stranded and drowning. Thus, a survival technique is boats, and heading toward the higher land in what is not the western or southern portion of Canada. This steady melt will affect wildlife as well, forcing predators to crowd along with man, and deprived of their normal food source, intense battles may occur where the issue of whether man will eat beast, or vice versa, will be determined.