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Due to the sudden subduction of India under the Himalayas, which will happen in a wink, drowning all in India, the waters of the Indian Ocean are subject to the following factors.

  1. during the week of rotation stoppage, water drifts from the Equator, where it has been pulled by centrifugal force of rotation, to the pools. This will have the effect of dropping tides on Oman beaches.
  2. during the hour of the shift, when the Atlantic Rift splits moving the continent of Africa eastward, forcing the Himalayas over India within minutes, and propelling the eastward land thrust such that the Red Sea and Persian Gulf split further, there will be roiling water filling first the void of India and then rushing in all directions.
  3. when the Pacific shortens, water will rush over Indonesia, pushing the roil toward Africa and lands jutting into the Indian Ocean near the former India.

Thus, Oman can expect to have horrific sloshing at unexpected times, during the hour of the shift. At first lulled during the rotation stoppage, and perhaps lulled when Indian subducts, any on the beaches may find a horrific tidal wave washing inland as the waters adjust. Those who would survive are advised not to become spectators of the drama, by walking along the beaches, but to remain high and well inland during the duration of the shift.