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icon Cape Town

Cape Town will find itself caught in the flow of sociological changes as well as positioned for high drama during the shift. Being at the tip of Africa, where raging water flowing between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans will drag all boats not securely moored out to sea in a torrent, the Cape will be aghast at the power of water on the move, not seen in the memory of man. The entire continent of Africa will continue to experience a moderate climate after the shift, and being high land will not be greatly flooded, but starvation and the quest for a better life will cause migrating peoples to arrive at the Cape, where a migration must in any case stop, being at land’s end. Due to our prediction that new land will pop up between the tip of South American and the tip of Africa, quests will set forth seeking this land, in the years after the shift. Cape Town will thus seem like the coastal cities of Europe during the last millennium, when boats set out for the rumored lands of the Americas.


Note also Polar Flood.