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The people of Beijing will be, in the main, taken by surprise by the shift. During the shift, those residents indoors in the city proper will be likely to be crushed by falling structures, with little hope of rescue afterwards. Where China experiences quakes, today, they are not of the magnitude that will occur during the shift, and thus structures outside of simple family homes will crumble, crushing those inside. Look to the devastation in India or Afghanistan or Turkey to see how easily such structures crumble. The stunned residents of Beijing will spend weeks simply sorting out the dead from the living and coming to grips with what has occurred. Of course, the powers in the seat of government will be ineffectual, and frankly will not be sought out by the populace nor conferred with. The military arm tends to disappear during such times, the arrogant generals looking behind them and finding their ranks decimated, the foot soldiers gone home, abandoning a structure that they sense will be ineffectual. Communications will be nonexistent, with the residents left to arrive at their own conclusions. Being in the highlands, those surviving the shift in Beijing will be able to migrate into the country side and ally with survivors there, who will be many.


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