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Cities lying along the east coast of Australia, such as Brisbane and Sydney, will find their life radically changed as the pole shift approaches. Being on high ground, predicted to rise even higher during the shift, they will be seen as a refuge for many situated in the Pacific who see the land sinking under their feet due to rising ocean waters. Australia is a land of hardy folk, but the newcomers who arrive will be the wealthy and soft, used to a servant class and demanding service. Where the cities themselves, like all coastal cities, will experience tidal waves and tidal bore into ravines, and will not survive beyond being a shell of it's former self, the mountains surrounding these cities offers refuge from the waves and hurricane force wind. Survival communities forming in these mountains, on the fringes of these former cities along the east coast of Australia, will find themselves burdened with the whining formerly wealthy. These situations result in one of two outcomes - either the unwelcome citizens are ejected and starve or are shot, or they drag the group down with their demands until all starve. Since the cities themselves will not survive the devastation, remaining there or near there during the shift is hardly advisable.