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The highlands in the eastern half of Australia will remain above water during the shift and after the polar melt, and will stretch along the new equator under the equatorial sun, rapidly melting. The tipping of the Indio-Australian plate under the Himalayas will raise eastern Australia some 300 feet in sea level elevation, reducing the amount of land going under water as the existing poles melt. Migration of wild animals from the rapidly flooding western half of Australia can be expected, as they will swim and run toward land, which will be eastern Australia. As in Alaska, where wild bears will become a problem for survivors, formerly civilized areas of Victoria may find surprising and unexpected neighbors. Being situated on the high land bridge connecting the highlands of Queensland to Victoria, potentially crowded situations where wildlife and new immigrants collide with existing residents could also occur, all hungry and desperate and driven by fear. Keeping a low profile so as not to attract unwanted attention is a means of dealing with a human horde, but wildlife finds food by smell and will not be so fooled. Thus, survivor camps in Victoria should prepare to defend against wild predators, and hide from human predators.