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Seoul, South Korea, will find itself in a migration dilemma. Given the assaults from water that the peninsula of Korea will experience, a low expectation of survival, those who would survive should consider migrating before the hour of the shift. Tensions between North and South Korea are notorious, and due to get worse, not better, during the forthcoming tense year. Japan will be devastated, and migrating there more like moving into the mouth of the lion than away. Land across the Yellow Sea in China will be flooded, utterly, and in any case China is so overpopulated that survivors will be contemplating eating each other after the shift when crops will be essentially nonexistent. Thus, migrating into what is now considered the colder reaches of China, into Manchuria, and into the bordering lands of Russia, would be the best option. These lands will have a more temperate climate in the Aftertime, and are less populated now due to the long winters than land in southern China.. Moving toward Manchuria and Russia also is moving away from what will become the new South Pole, India, and into land that will have a better climate in the Aftertime.