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The Pernambuco state in Brazil lies in the Bulge of Brazil, and as such will be close to the point off the bulge where the new North Pole is anticipated to be positioned. As the 12th Planet passes between the Earth and the Sun, the South Pole will tip up along with the passing North Pole of the 12th Planet, moving the bulge north along with it. Thus, from experiencing a long day during the week of rotation stoppage, and roasting as though in mid-summer, the residents of Pernambuco will find cold descending steadily. Equate the degree of this deep chill to what those in Antarctic or the north Polar Circle today experience. Unless prepared to live in this environment, which these tropical folks will not be, they will freeze to death or die of exposure in short order. Moving toward the Andes, well out of the lowlands which will become a large inland bay when the existing pole melt, is the best plan. Such an extensive trip should not be left until the last minute, when panic and distraction will encumber travelers.